New York Jets will defense try to wear down the Bengals offense on Sunday

The Jet defense is ready for the challenge this Sunday when they face the Cincinnati Bengals.

FLORHAM PARK N.J. -  Sunday the Jets start its 2016 campaign facing a tough opponent in the Cincinnati Bengals. Much has been made about this match-up, particularly on defense where the Jets will face some stout offensive weapons such as quarterback Andy Dalton, running-back Giovani Bernard, and the scariest of them all, standout wide receiver A.J. Green.

"He's one of the top wide receivers in the league," Darrelle Revis said of Green. "Definitely got a lot of respect for the guy, I've played [against] him over a number of years."

Green, a five-time Pro Bowler, has had five consecutive 1,000-yard seasons since he entered the league. He's racked up 6,171 yards and hauled in 415 receptions in his career. When asked about what type of challenge Green presents to the Jet defense, Revis replied "every challenge possible."

Defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers said he wants his defense to be aware of where Green is at all times, so unfortunately for the viewing audience, the match-up of Revis versus Green likely won't be the one-on-one showdown everyone is expecting. However, Rodgers nor Revis ruled out the possibility of 'Revis Island' making an appearance Sunday.

"We'll have 11 sets of eyes on Green," Rodgers said.

It's inevitable that Revis will get some one-on-one opportunities against Green, however the Jets may keep an eye on Green with a linebacker underneath or a safety over top, but either way it will be a treat to see two potential Hall-of-Famer's lineup opposite each other.

"We're gonna try to switch things up a little bit... wear [down] some of their key guys on offense," said Revis, who is no stranger to facing big time wide outs. He's gone against elite caliber players such as DeAndre Hopkins and Dez Bryant in the past.

"Whoever is on the schedule that's just who we have to face," said Revis.

Rodgers will also have two other talented players to plan for on Sunday, Dalton and Bernard.

"[Bernard] is a hard match up for linebackers," Rodgers said of the 5-foot-9 back. Elusive speed and a low center of gravity makes Bernard one of the quickest players at his position.

Rodgers gave high praise to Dalton, who was drafted the same year as Green. Rodgers believes "poise" is what makes Dalton, a great player.

"He keeps plays alive... he keeps getting better and better each year," said Rodgers.

The start of professional football will be a big epiphany for football fans everywhere, and the Jets know that this Sunday will be just the beginning of a tough regular season schedule.

"Every week is important for us," Revis said. "The schedule this year is very tough but I think we'll respond."

But above all else the Jets will be ready for week one.

"I think the game plan is pretty comfortable for everybody," said Revis.


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