New York Jets running back Matt Forte is confident he can keep up this pace

Matt Forte is on pace for 416 carries and 80 targets as a receiver and he has full confidence in his ability to keep up this pace

Florham Park, NJ - Through two games Matt Forte has had 52 carries and been targeted 10 times as a receiver. Forget his age because it wouldn't matter if he was a rookie, he won't be running the ball 416 times this season, but if the Jets were to run him that much he's confident he can handle the workload.

"No, I'm good man. That's part of the reason why I train the way I do in the offseason," Forte said. "You know, throughout the years of playing and tweaking your diet and all kind of stuff."

But how much confidence does he have? And why is he so confident? It's simple, really.

"The most confident because it's me out there doing it, so I have no doubt that I can continue to play how I've been playing," Forte said. "In football, we all know there are injuries that happen, but as long as you can continue to maintain your body through maintence, like I said I do a lot of different things. Whether it's my workout regimen during the week to get me prepared for Sunday so I'm able to play at a high level everyday."

With running backs, the doubters always circle around like vultures once they hit the age of 30 but Forte isn't worried about his age. He knows the shape he's in and the way he keeps care of his body will make him one of the exception in the over 30 club. And he's not alone, his former teammate turned current teammate Brandon Marshall will certainly vouch for Forte's ability even as he gets older.

"It (being teammates with Forte again) means everything. He's a workhorse, that's his nickname. Workhorse. You know 30 carries, over 100 yards, three touchdowns," Marshall said. "You know a lot of people had written him off, said 'he was done,' 'he's over the hill,' '30 is the drop off.' But people don't know who Matt Forte is, he's one of the hardest working men I've ever been around.


"Every single day he's in the weight room, and if he wasn't playing he'd be in the weight room taking care of his body. I don't know if he's a little obsessed with his body or not, but he definitely takes care of it a lot but it's helping him on the football field. But I really believe if he wasn't getting paid to play football he'd still be relentless in making sure he stays healthy, so I see this guy continuing to play at this level for awhile. As long as he wants, barring anything he can't control."

Then after saying all of that Marshall decided to admire Forte and his body as the running back walked back into the locker room.

"Like look at this guy. He's walking in here now with no shirt on. Look at his body," Marshall said as he proceeded to jokingly catcall the running back. 

But even with Forte keeping himself in such good shape that his teammate can jokingly catcall him, don't expect him to get 30 carries a game like he did last week. But definitely don't think he's done just because he hit that magic number of 30.

"I don't think he's going to get 30 carries every game. That's going to be different every game," Todd Bowles said. "So somebody else is going to have to step up weekly, be it run the ball or throw the ball. He just got it this game. The workload I'm sure won't be the same. There will be more people chipping in."

Bilal Powell will of course be one of those chipping in and you can expect to see him get more carries as the season progresses and don't be surprised if the touches come close to evening out, but just know Forte has all the confidence in the world that he can handle whatever workload they give him and he has that confidence because it's him, The Workhorse.


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