Strategic adjustments for the New York Jets

Three adjustments the Jets should consider implementing from this point forward.

FLORHAM PARK, N.J - After a disappointing 24-3 loss on Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Jets must get back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong. With a tough schedule on deck, Gang Green may need to pull out its sharpest tactics to get back to .500 and avoid a lost season. Here's three adjustments I believe the Jets should consider going forward.


Through three game the Jets have had somewhat balanced play calling. The team is passing the ball 56.7 percent of the time. Chan Gailey is an exceptional offensive coordinator and running the hurry up offense will aid the unit. Maybe not run the hurry-up for an entire game, but coming out of a timeout or the end of a quarter will be a perfect time to throw off a defense and possibly tire them out. Getting Ryan Fitzpatrick some quick and easy throws will thrust him into a rhythm and boost his confidence. Fitzpatrick is at his best when he is in sync with receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. You can always tell because those back shoulder throws are automatic and he looks confident in the pocket. Speeding up the tempo in spurts while maintaining a run-first identity adds a new creative wrinkle to the offense. After all, Brad Smith is no longer here to run the wildcat.


As a former player and defensive backs coach, Todd Bowles specializes in coaching up the secondary. Over the years, NFL rules have changed making it harder for the defense to be physical with opposing receivers at the line of scrimmage. The Jets have the personnel to play a physical brand of football. Darrelle Revis, Marcus Williams, and Buster Skrine all have the ability to lock down whoever they're covering. The secondary has been under heavy scrutiny this season and needs to utilize its bump-n-run capabilities. Accompanied with an elite defensive line, the secondary is the missing piece for the Jets getting back to being a vaunted defense.


Bilal Powell is one of the most underrated running backs in the NFL. He's been at it for years and a case can be made that he needs more touches. Powell has nine carries for 73 yards this season. Granted, he had six catches for 41 yards against the Chiefs, but the Jets weren't a threat to run the ball because the offense was playing catch up the majority of the game. Bring in Powell to spell Matt Forte and let him loose. He's averaging about eight yards per attempt. The Jets have lined Forte up at receiver on a few occasions this season. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that to let teams know that Forte is a receiving threat no matter where he lines up. Have Powell on the field as well and it will give teams a headache.


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