New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson talks about the task of stopping the Seattle Seahawks offense

Russell Wilson will play this week and it's up to Sheldon Richardson and the Jets defensive-front to keep him contained

Florham Park, NJ - The Seahawks are known as a defensive team, and for good reason as their defense has been dominate over the past few years, but their offense can be deadly as well. The Seahawks offense struggled through the first two games of this season before racking up 37 points against the 49ers but in the last eight regular season games last year the Seahawks scored under 30 points just twice (29 once and only 17 in a Week 16 loss to the Rams).

After their bye last season the Seahawks suddenly developed into a high-octane passing offense with Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin often looking like they were simply playing backyard football against a bunch of middle schoolers. If that offense shows up in MetLife Stadium on Sunday this Jets defense is likely to look like those middle schoolers but after suffering an ankle injury a few weeks ago and spraining his MCL last week, will Wilson be able to be effective enough to light up the Jets defense? 

In Week One the Jets defensive line bullied the Bengals offensive line and racked up seven sacks, the last two weeks the line has been quiet but for good reason. The Jets didn't sack Tyrod Taylor once in Week Two and only got to Alex Smith twice but the Jets defensive line was also in contain mode to stop those quarterbacks from getting outside the pocket and that's exactly the gameplan they'll need to use against a healthy Wilson. But with Wilson wearing a knee brace and dealing with his injuries they might not have to concern themselves with Wilson's mobility that much.

What they will certainly have to deal with is a lot of short, quick passes as that seems to be a constant in every team's gameplan for attacking the Jets defense. The Bengals leaned on this plan and sprinkled in some timely deep shots downfield, the Bills did the same they just weren't effective enough in the short game and the Chiefs used the Jets aggressiveness against them running counters and misdirections to exploit the holes in the Jets defense. If Wilson can't use his legs as effectively as normal than the Seahawks might be limited in how much they can attack downfield, but that will just cause them to lean heavily on the short passing game and running counters and misdirections to exploit the Jets aggressiveness. 

For now the Jets defense is preparing for a 100 percent Russell Wilson, if they see that he's limited as the game progresses they will adjust their plan accordingly but they have to be prepared for everything the Seahawks offense is capable of. 


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