Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson involved in locker room argument

Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson got into a heated argument after the Kansas City loss.

Florham Park, N.J. - Anyone can pinpoint where the New York Jets season began to go downhill: Week Three against Kansas City. It was the start of the Jets losing streak, the beginning of Ryan Fitzpatrick's collapse, and when Eric Decker began to sit out. Rich Cimini and recently learned that Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson got into a very heated argument after the game in the locker room. Marshall and head coach Todd Bowles claim that it wasn't physical in anyway, but it was enough for Bowles to address the situation immediately. 

"I took care of it right here," Bowles told on Thursday. "I addressed the team and I addressed the two guys. It will not happen again."

Obviously tensions are going to rise throughout the season. The Jets are 1-5 on the year and have not been playing well on either side of the ball. The tension started quickly, as this was after the first loss of the losing streak.

"I was right there, I heard it. It was loud. Yell down there, yell down here," Bowles told "It was no more than a normal training-camp deal. It wasn't anything significant." Marshall cleared the air with Richardson the next day. Richardson was the first player to congratulate Marshall after he scored the following week. 

The defense played well against the Chiefs in Week Three, but the offense struggled greatly. Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions, including a pick-6. The turnovers plagued the Jets greatly, who couldn't even get the ball rolling on the ground. 

"It was problem solving, starting off the season really bad," Marshall told "You guys understand how emotional and how intense the game is. When you come in the locker room after a loss like that and you’re looking at each other, trying to problem-solve, it may not always be the right time. Sometimes you have to give it a day or so for everyone to calm down and cool off and say, 'OK, what do we need to do to solve it?"

This isn't the first altercation of the season involving Marshall. During training camp this August, Marshall was involved in an altercation with another star on the team, Darrelle Revis. The two quickly reconciled the next day and it wasn't made into anything bigger. 

"After the game, everybody was pissed off and you throw stuff," said Bowles. "They should be pissed off, but not at each other. It was just one of those things."

The team should be focusing on Sunday as they try to turn their season around against the Baltimore Ravens. 


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