New York Jets players Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Marshall talk about their 'dust up'

What's a little locker room dispute, after a tough loss, between teammates?

Florham Park, NJ - Around a month ago the Jets traveled to Kansas City to play the Chiefs and suffered an embarrassing loss after the game Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Marshall got into a heated argument with words exchanged and the two had to be separated by teammates. These things happen when teams lose, it by itself isn't a big deal at all, but if the Jets can't put a stop to the losing dust ups like that are likely to happen again.

Both Marshall and Richardson said it was a minor thing that has since been put behind them and the fact that it took us a month to find out about it suggests it was just that. Todd Bowles has also said it wasn't a big deal and the team moved on from it immediately. Bowles said he's not concerned about what happened and he "wasn't concerned about it at the time either."

Bowles said he addressed the altercation when it happened and continued to insist it wasn't anything to stress, "It was really nothing. It was just like training camp. You lose a game. People get frustrated. You move on."

Watch Marshall and Richardson - who was caught off-guard by the fact that reporters had found out about the incident - talk about how they've moved on from that.


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