New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith suffered a torn ACL and will be out for the season

Geno Smith's season and career with the Jets is done after suffering a torn ACL

Looks like Joe Namath owes Geno Smith an apology.


According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network the MRI Smith got today showed a torn ACL. After losing the starting job last year because he got sucker punched by his own teammate, Smith finally got his chance to start again and not even a full half into that start did he suffer the torn ACL. Regardless of how much many Jets fans hate Smith it should be impossible to not feel bad for him.

Smith's in the last year of his contract with the Jets and this means he's career as a Jets is almost certainly over. He'll have to rest, get surgery then rehab the hell out of that knee and wait and see what other team will give him a chance. If he can get healthy in time someone will sign him to be their backup and maybe, just maybe there will be a spot where he could compete for a starting job but that doesn't seem very promising right now.

What this means for the Jets is it's either back to Ryan Fitzpatrick who spent his press conference after the Jets win whining about no one believing in him or the second-year quarterback out of Baylor, Bryce Petty. My guess is Todd Bowles will brush off Fitzpatrick's comments and name him the starter saying "he gives us the best chance to win" under the guise that they're still playing for the playoffs. But I'd just go ahead and start Petty at this point, see what he has. Couldn't ask for a better first matchup to ease him into than the Browns. 


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