New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall says he expects Miami Dolphins cornerback Byron Maxwell to hold on "every single play"

Brandon Marshall sent a clear message to the refs this week, watch for holds from Byron Maxwell

"Every single play," Brandon Marshall said that Dolphins cornerback Byron Maxwell holds on "every single play," and Marshall made sure to tell reporters this with the obvious intent on word getting back to the refs who will be working today's game.

Maxwell was signed to a huge contract by the Philadelphia Eagles before the 2015 season but got consistently torched so the Eagles shipped him and Kiko Alonso down to the Dolphins. Before Maxwell signed with the Eagles he played for the Seahawks where that secondary is known for their penchant to hold receivers, and keep holding them, so much that the refs can't/won't call them all. Marshall wants the refs to know you can take the player out of the Seahawks secondary but you can't take the constant holding out of the player.

Marshall said he was prompted to say all of this because when the two players squared off last year Maxwell held him on "every single play." Maxwell didn't fall for the bait, telling Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post, "I don't think nothing about it. Just play the game Sunday. That's what it is... But I'm cool. I really am."

The Dolphins don't play much man-coverage, so we won't get to see Marshall and Maxwell face off in a true one-on-one matchup but if and when Maxwell grabs hold on Marshall, Marshall just wants to make sure the refs are ready to throw their flags.


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