New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is considered day-to-day with a sprained MCL

Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered a sprained MCL against the Dolphins

Jets fans may be done with Ryan Fitzpatrick but if his knee holds up they'll have to stomach watching him start at least one more game. Fitzpatrick suffered an MCL sprain against the Dolphins, Bryce Petty came in for a drive and fans would like to make that substitution permanent, but today Todd Bowles said Fitzpatrick will start against the Rams if he's healthy enough.

Bowles gave all the expected clichéd reasons for why he will stick with Fitzpatrick if his knee feels good enough, "we're down, not out (of the playoffs)" and of course the fan favorite "he gives us the best chance to win." Fitzpatrick is officially considered day-to-day and Bowles said he will have to wait and see how the knee progresses during the week but he did say that he will need to see Fitzpatrick practice at least on Friday otherwise they will turn to Petty.

Bowles said Petty would be ready, they'll make sure to have him ready, if Fitzpatrick can't go but if Fitzpatrick is an option Bowles will stick with the veteran as long as their playoff hopes still, mathematically, exist. The second-year coach isn't quite ready to turn the page with an eye on the future as long as the math says a playoff run is still possible regardless of how unlikely that run is.

The problem for Bowles is he stuck with Fitzpatrick too long before turning to Geno Smith and now that he had to turn back to Fitzpatrick he's going to stick with him too long again. Bowles is hanging his hat on Fitzpatrick 'giving them the best chance to win' but when the chance of Fitzpatrick leading them to more wins is as slim as it is maybe Bowles' best chance to survive this season is hoping and praying one of the next two quarterbacks in line shows a spark that could generate some sort of excitement because right now the Jets biggest problem - from a public perception standpoint - is this team simply lacks anything to be excited about.

Sure the Jets have a nice stable of young receivers fans should be able to look forward to watching, but we can't actually see how good they are because the quarterback play has been so bad. Of course the Jets having three of the best defensive linemen in football should be exciting but two of them were benched for the first quarter against the Dolphins, reportedly for missing meetings (multiple meetings). There's just so little reason for fans to tune in and watch.

At 3-6 and playoff dreams dead, math be damned, this team is the worst thing a professional sports team can be, boring. And boring teams lead to indifferent fan bases which is exactly what is happening right now. 


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