A New York Jets fan's guide to tackle the BYE Week

Fans should feel relieved their Sunday can't be ruined by the frustrating Jets

Florham Park, N.J. - Wake up, Jets fans - it's going to be a relaxing Sunday afternoon with no stress, frustration or anxiety. The NFL has a gift that keeps on giving to fans of teams who simply can't get out of their own way. With the Jets at 3-7 and miles away from the playoff picture, the BYE week couldn't have come at a better time. 

There won't be any interceptions. There won't be any fumbles. There won't be any 3rd and 20 conversions by the opposing team's offense. So, sit back in your robe with a drink in your hand and a snack on your plate because there won't be any Sunday like it this season. Here is a guide to help get you through the day: 

1) Wake Up Late: 

Chances are if you are reading this - you are at least partially awake. We hope you slept in today. There is no reason to go to MetLife Stadium for a chilly tailgate that lasts the entire morning. If you were able to get an extra hour of rest - good for you - if not, there are a few games on the NFL slate today that you can sleep through like the Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns tilt or Jacksonville Jaguars-Detroit Lions matchup. They aren't awful, but we are just looking out for you. 

2) Check your fantasy team: 

The Jets may be on a BYE but there are no days off in your fantasy football league. Every game counts at this point of the season. Playoff spots are up for grabs. Do not forget to check your lineup twice - maybe even three times - to make sure all of your starters are healthy and ready to go. You do not want to start a receiver who was officially ruled out five minutes before kickoff. That has happened plenty of times in the past - and you know it. Be careful but make sure you keep checking it throughout the day. It'll make every football game on CBS, FOX, or Red Zone that much more intense. 

3) Impress yourself with a home-cooked meal: 

Who needs a grill and charcoal in an empty parking lot? You have a clean stove and microwave at your fingertips in your own kitchen. Practice some of those tailgating skills at home today. Throw on the TV or radio to provide some background noise and cook away. Hey, maybe you find an unbelievable recipe that you have to make for your family and friends on Thanksgiving or next Sunday when the Jets host the Patriots at 4:25 p.m. Try it - maybe you have an inner-Gordon Ramsay that you had no idea about... ok, maybe not, but you have nothing to lose. 

4) Don't move from the couch at all today: 

The weather is chilly and the wind is blowing... stay inside today. Test yourself - see how long you can relax on the couch with the television on before your wife, husband, parents or children disrupt your safe space. If they are worried you aren't your typical uptight and anxious Sunday-self, remind them the Jets aren't playing this week. Remind them the quarterback controversy between Bryce Petty and Ryan Fitzpatrick means nothing today. Remind them that Darrelle Revis can't be torched on a 50-yard pass down the sideline today. Lastly, remind your caring family and friends the most important fact of the day - the Jets can't lose. How great is that? 

5) Mentally and physically prepare for Thanksgiving: 

Thanksgiving is just days away. You're either going away or hosting the big event. That is a lot of stress for you on and off your plate. Tell yourself you are strong and will get through that holiday without any political discussions or sports arguments. Whether you believe Donald Trump deserved the presidency or Tom Brady deserved the suspension - keep it to yourself. The lack of stress you have today can help you on Thursday. It will keep your blood pressure calm. Thank you, NFL. Physically speaking - get your body ready for the abnormal amount of food you will consume this week. Whether that means eat more today or eat less today - that's up to you. 

Jets fans - enjoy your Sunday. Watch the Giants. Watch the Knicks. Watch the Rangers. Do something you couldn't do if the Jets were playing. And remember - the Jets can't lose today. 

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