Jets WR Robby Anderson needs more touches

In these last two games, the Jets should unleash Robby Anderson.

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - In the midst of being blown out at home Monday night to the Indianapolis Colts, an undrafted rookie out of Temple University showed his team that if you get him the ball good things happen. Play after play, Robby Anderson ran go routes until it finally worked. The payoff was a 40 yard touchdown strike from Bryce Petty.

At this stage of the season, with the playoffs no where near attainable, coaches are gearing up for next year and veterans are taking it easy trying to avoid getting hurt. However for rookies, it's a different story. Some continue to prove themselves to their respective franchises and fight for their NFL livelihood. Anderson can be placed in that category, but he can take it a step further and cement himself as an impact player on offense. By now we know Anderson is good but the question is how good can he be? There's no doubt this team needs to rebuild and Anderson can be a main component of that remodeling --- he just needs his number called more to expedite the process.

The big play potential Anderson has should be utilized more often. In the last six games, he has 392 receiving yards which leads the team and all NFL rookies. Petty understands this as Anderson has been his favorite target since he was named starting quarterback. Anderson has two 40-plus-yard touchdown receptions this season, the most since Braylon Edwards in 2000 with four. Anderson's talent could even benefit the special teams in the return game, which has been non existent this year. The Jets have auditioned virtually every receiver on the roster for the punt return spot, so why not Robby? He's an excellent competitor. There is absolutely nothing to lose. He continues to turn in strong games but the Jets can extract more from his quickness and 4.34 speed.

Anderson should have the ball in his hands as much as possible. He's an exciting player to watch, and if you're the Jets you kill two birds with one stone. On one hand you give fans a reason to watch, on the other hand you start building Anderson's confidence and prepare him to be a leader on this team. The young receiver earned his spot on team with an outstanding preseason, now is the time to let him shine.


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