A New York Jets Fan's Wish List for 2017

Jets fans have been through enough in 2016 - that should put you all on the 'nice' list this year.

Foxborough, Mass - Jets fans - you've suffered enough. You watched as the season got off on the wrong foot - a missed PAT from Nick Folk against the Cincinnati Bengals. You endured Ryan Fitzpatrick's six interception meltdown in Kansas City. You stayed sane when the offense was anemic in Arizona on prime time. Heck, you're still alive after one of the ugliest games in history, a 9-6 loss to the Los Angeles Rams

You saw drubbing after drubbing - like the one against Pittsburgh, or Indianapolis, or Miami. Yeah, you can add routs in Kansas City, home against Seattle and on the road in Arizona in there as well. Needless to say, Santa owes you one. Woody Johnson owes you one. Here is what Jets fans need this holiday season:

10) A stadium with some identity: Did it bother you to not see 'JETS' written out in the endzones on Saturday? What are your thoughts on the bland gray seats on full display every kickoff? The Jets need identity. The workers at MetLife Stadium do the best they could to try to make it a home field advantage with banners and green lights but the 'J-E-T-S' chant is no longer the same and the wind turbine is... interesting. Once the team is better the atmosphere will be top-notch. 

9) A healthy coach: Todd Bowles had a health scare and was taken to the hospital this week. The team announced he arrived at the team hotel in New England and will travel with them to Gillette Stadium for the Christmas Eve showdown with the Patriots. Whether you agree with the way Bowles has coached this year or not, we can all agree his health is priority number one. It's been a tough year for Bowles: he watched his number one quarterback unravel, his pride-and-joy defense fall apart, and didn't see progression in his young and promising players like Calvin Pryor and Christian Hackenberg. The IR is loaded and some players are simply going through the motions. Give this coach a Chips Ahoy - his favorite cookie - and see if he can do a better job in 2017.

8) Some new faces on the coaching staff: Football is a business. Woody Johnson knows it. Mike Maccagnan knows it. Todd Bowles knows it. Those three leaders of the Jets organization know their offense and defense wasn't good enough this year. Granted it was their second year together. While the team took a step back, firing Maccagnan or Bowles is not the answer. However - the team should evaluate if the offense will take the next step with Chan Gailey and if the defense can be strong again with Kacy Rodgers. It was a miserable season. Jets fans deserve accountability. 

7) A healthy team: The list grows longer and longer. The media lost count on numerous occasions and had to ask Bowles the injury report multiple times. What do Lawrence ThomasEric DeckerBraedon BowmanGeno SmithRyan CladyNick MangoldJulian StanfordAntonio AllenMarcus GilchristBreno GiacominiBrian Winters and Mike Catapano all have in common? That is the current 'Injured Reserve' list for the New York Jets. This doesn't include Darrelle RevisMuhammad WilkersonBrandon Marshall, Fitzpatrick and Petty all battling injuries throughout the season. Don't forget Calvin Pryor, Buster Skrine and Jalin Marshall who have missed time as well. Ah, forget it - you get the point. If the Jets want to be good next year, health comes first.

6) Salary Cap space: When Mike Maccagnan wheeled and dealed in the offseason entering the 2015 season, Jets fans were enamored. Money was spent - something John Idzik refused to do. Was that the right thing? Well, New York is starting to regret it. The number of players who received large sums of money in 2016 but didn't produce on the field is concerning. It is time to cut your losses and move on. The Jets need a revamped roster. They need to start from the beginning once again. It all starts with Revis and Fitzpatrick - two players who made plenty of dollars this year but didn't deserve it for the results they left on the field. Jets fans want cap space again - it's time to say goodbye to some veterans and start fresh. 

5) Mike Westhoff: Ben Kotwica, Bobby April and Brant Boyer. The Jets still haven't found what they're looking for as Mike Westhoff's replacement on special teams. The special teams have been a mess since Westhoff left. Jets fans want him back. But, we don't recommend you holding your breath for him. Boyer was a breath of fresh air for the organization. Remember when he said: "we're going to punch first?" It seems so long ago and ever since that moment, the unit has been a thorn in the Jets side. Lachlan Edwards' blocked punt for a touchdown shows why. 

4) Some clarity on the offensive line: It has been a revolving door mostly due to injuries. The veterans have to go - all except for James Carpenter, who has been a beast on the left side. This means saying goodbye to Nick Mangold - the strongest and most appreciated center in Jets history. Go ahead - put him in the Ring of Honor, we'll wait. Truth is, his age and contract is too much of a burden for New York to take on in 2017. Wesley Johnson has done an admirable job replacing Mangold. The Jets should keep Ben IjalanaBrent Qvale, Winters and Brandon Shell and build around them. 

4) Outside linebacker: Who is the Jets' outside linebacker aside from Jordan JenkinsSheldon Richardson? That doesn't work. It also won't work in 2017 because the Jets are looking to shop Richardson. To help Bowles' blitz packages, the Jets need an outside linebacker. They must find someone who is an outside linebacker - they cannot afford to stun a young player's growth by transitioning into another position. 

3) Bilal Powell, some more Bilal Powell, mixed in with Quincy Enunwa and Robby AndersonThis is their team now. The organization found an offensive core. Starting in September 2017, the Jets offensive starters should be Powell, Enunwa and Anderson. These young stars have been the lone bright spots in an otherwise miserable season. Powell should have been getting more carries since Week 1 and both Enunwa and Anderson have done nothing but improve since the beginning of the season. 

2) Someone who can make a play in the secondary: The Jets have seven interceptions this season. They had 18 in 2015. New York's secondary needs playmakers. It needs more help keeping up with explosive wide receivers who burst down the sideline for an 80-yard touchdown. This means Revis should be let go and maybe even Gilchrist. Give Rontez Miles a shot, or maybe even Juston Burris. The Jets are in rebuild mode once again. It's time to let the young players play. 

1) A quarterback: Does this need an explanation? Is it Petty? Is it Hackenberg? Is it Namath? Anyone? 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Jets fans. There's always next year... 

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