The New York Jets Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson are "moving on" from tension (with video).

Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson have had a few different issues getting along this season and the two probably won't be seeing eye to eye anytime soon

Florham Park, NJ - Everything has gone wrong for the Jets this season, half of their starters have ended up on IR, the defense can't pressure or make stops consistentl, the offense struggles to put points on the board, they've only one four games and the season-long dispute between two of the team's most talented players continues to bubble under the surface. 

It's apparent at this point that Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardso won't be vacationing together in the offseason, the two got into a verbal argument after Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions against the Chiefs and last Sunday, after Marshall said the Jets should be embarrassed with their play, Richardson made sure to agree but only that Marshall himself should be embarrassed. 

But the truth is, none of this matters at all. If the Jets were competing for a playoff spot then sure, it would be cause for concern. You could try and spin a yarn about what this says about Todd Bowles' 'lack of control,' but really this is simply about the Jets losing. If the Jets were preparing for the playoffs these issues wouldn't exist, the two stars still wouldn't be getting along but the tension would be cured by the winning. The losing brings the anger out. 

There's an even bigger reason why none of this matters, there's a good chance neither of the players will be on the team next year. Richardson said he wasn't taking any questions about Marshall, Marshall said the two haven't talked, and he doesn't have plans to, but said he's sure they'll see each other and cross paths this week. Marshall also said we'd be surprised by what we (media and fans) don't find out about and said he's actually surprised there haven't been an actual fistfights this year.

In the end Marshall saying, "he said what he said and I said what I said, and it's time to move on and try to win a game," is the best summation of this dispute. Richardson laughed when asked if the two had "beef," it's clear that the two just don't see things the same way, but with one more game to go in a lost season it's time we all move on from discussing the symptoms of the losing and instead look to finding the possible cure for fix the losing.

Watch both videos above for what both Marshall and Richardson had to say today about their conflict. 


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