New York Jets owner Woody Johnson will reportedly hand over control of the Jets to his younger brother Chris Johnson

Woody Johnson is likely to hand over control of the Jets to his younger brother because of Donald Trump

If, before the 2016 presidential election, someone told all Jets fans that a vote for Donald Trump would be a vote to have Woody Johnson give up control of the New York Jets Trump might've won 100 percent of the Jets fan demographic. So now regardless of how you voted, everyone can come together to celebrate the news.

According to "Johnson is expected to become the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. And if/when (most likely, when) that happens Woody Johnson will have to relinquish day-to-day control of the team."

Mike Florio of PFT also reported, "Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Woody Johnson will hand the reins to his younger brother, Christopher Wold Johnson. Chris Johnson would run the team until Woody's appointment ends."

For the years the most constant complaint from fans has been, 'can we fire the owner?' The response is always an obvious and understood no, but this is as good as the fans are going to get and they'll take it. That is until another losing season or two and the younger brother starts to face the same criticism as Woody.

There's obviously a lot to dissect here (how involved would Chris be in football decisions?  is Chris Wold Johnson? Does he know anything about football? More than Woody?) and we're not even 100 percent sure this will happen (no one will blame you, Jets fans, if you feel like this could be one of those too good to be true things), but the most immediate question that comes to mind is quite intriguing. Does this mean, maybe, with Woody out of the country and not in charge and responsible, that he would be willing to have Chris oversee a complete and total rebuild? 

Would Woody and Chris just stay out of the way and see what Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan could do with going through a complete rebuild? Nah, that would definitely be too good to be true. At least a new sub plot has already emerged to keep the Jets interesting.


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