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The New York Jets have fired five assistant coaches

Defensive line coach Pepper Johnson and four other assistant coaches have been let go

Todd Bowles is getting another year to prove he can be the right coach for the Jets, but the purging of his staff has already begun. For weeks we've talked about all the changes this team will face, today those changes start with five assistant coaches being let go.

The changes to the staff, so far as there's likely to be more coming, are on both sides of the ball. Among the coaches that have been let go, defensive line coach Pepper Johnson, outside linebacker coach Mark Collins, defensive backs coach Joe Danna, quarterback coach Kevin Patullo and running back coach Marcel Shipp.

Johnson, the former Super Bowl champ, is the headliner of the group and while no one would dispute his knowledge and ability as a coach when you have Sheldon RichardsonLeonard Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson on your defensive line, your defensive line better be good and as a unit the Jets defensive line failed to come close to meeting expectations. Outside linebacker was another disappointing position as was the defensive backs, but that could be blamed on simply not having an actual talented pass rusher on the edge and the severe drop off in Darrelle Revis' play. Of course Revis wasn't the only player who didn't play up to expectations and with as many communication issues and blown assignments the secondary had this year, someone had to lose their job.

Patullo and Shipp are victims of Chan Gailey deciding to retire. With Gailey out the Jets will need a new offensive coordinator and whoever that is will want to bring in his own assistants.


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