5 potential candidates to become the New York Jets offensive coordinator

The Jets need a new offensive coordinator, here are some of their choices

With Chan Gailey retiring the Jets need to find a new offensive coordinator and Todd Bowles can't afford to make the wrong hire otherwise he could certainly lose his job after next season. There are, of course, a few hurdles that could potentially stand in the Jets way as far as hiring the best possible candidate, many coaches may be hesitant to work with a quarterback group that only consists of Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg and considering the roster overhaul this team is about to go through many will be wary of taking the job knowing Bowles might get fired at the end of the year.

Maybe GM Mike Maccagnan can convince a top candidate that they'll go hard after someone like Tyrod Taylor or maybe there's a candidate who loves one of the top quarterbacks in the draft this year and would want to come work with them. Or maybe there's one guy who, if he gets fired, might actually want to work with Hackenberg. 

1) Mike McCoy - A few years ago McCoy was at the top of the list of hot names for a head coaching job, he got that job in San Diego but was fired after four disappointing seasons. This puts him back on the list of hot candidates, but this time he'll have to go back to the offensive coordinator post. McCoy thrived as the offensive coordinator with the Broncos, he managed to squeeze a few drops of blood from the stones named Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton and he certainly didn't fail in San Diego because of his offense. McCoy should be the Jets first choice, problem is he'll be the first choice among many teams, teams with more stability and better quarterbacks.

2) John DeFilippo - The current quarterbacks coach for the Eagles was a candidate for the Jets OC job before Bowles decided on Gailey, now it seems the Jets will consider DeFilippo once again according to the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo.


3) Karl Dorrell- You can't have a coaching candidate list without at least one in-house candidate and if there's one position on the Jets offense that you can look at and think they were coached up right it would be the wide receivers. Dorrell has experience as a coordinator and if the Jets were to promote from within he would be the only viable option.

4) Anthony Lynn - Lynn has ties to the Jets as he was here on Rex Ryan's staff, he took over the offensive coordinator duties mid season when the Bills fired Greg Roman and the Bills offense immediately improved. Lynn might very well end up getting a head coaching job, he's currently interviewing for openings now, but if he gets shut out of a head coaching opportunity maybe a return to the Jets would make sense and maybe he would be willing to take the chance here with the possibility that if his offense performs well enough he could get promoted to head coach if Bowles is fired after the season.

5) Bill O'Brien - Okay, so he's not technically available... yet. And he probably won't be but there are reports that he is in danger of being fired if the Texans lose this weekend. As you probably know O'Brien was the coach at Penn State for Hackenberg's freshman year, many people attributed Hackenberg's struggles after O'Brien left to his departure. That always seemed silly if you actually watched Hackenberg play, but maybe the Jets think he'd be able to get the most out of him. That is if anyone in the building still believes there's something worth getting out of him.


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