Will the New York Jets consider taking a quarterback in the first round

Will Mike Maccagnan draft a quarterback for the third straight draft?

The New York Jets, as has been the case for damn near ever, desperately need a competent quarterback. So far the focus has been on which veteran quarterback they'd go after, would they take a run at Tyrod Taylor (they should)? What about Tony Romo? Or how about what would certainly be a glorious train wreck and sign Jay Cutler

There are halfway decent options, at least way better options than most offseasons, if the Jets go the free agent route but free agency isn't the only route they could take. There's no Peyton ManningAndrew Luck or Cam Newton, consensus number one pick, in this year's draft, but there are three quarterbacks that could, and probably will, be drafted somewhere in the first round. 

Yesterday Mitch Trubisky, from North Carolina, declare for the draft, joining DeShone Kizer, from Notre Dame, and the newest National Champion quarterback, Clemson's Deshaun Watson. All three quarterbacks have traits and ability that scouts will love, but all three have consistency issues and holes in their game. None of the three are finished products, but all three are more talented quarterbacks, today and for the future, than either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg.

Over the next few months there will be countless debates over the order these quarterbacks should be drafted, although Watson's performance last night coupled with last year's National Championship performance will likely vault him to most people's preferred first quarterback, but with the Jets picking sixth overall at least one, most likely two and possibly all three could be there for the Jets at six.

So, would the Jets consider one of the three if available? We'll tackle the question of should they later down the road, but the answer to would they consider them is a resounding yes. That, of course, doesn't mean they will actually draft one of them, but they will damn sure give it a lot of thought.

There's this notion that Mike Maccagnan wouldn't take a quarterback in the first because of the Hackenberg selection last year, that notion is wrong. If the Jets don't take a quarterback at six it'll be because they don't think any of the available options are worth the number six pick. It certainly won't be because they took Hackenberg because while not everyone at One Jets Drive has given up hope that Hackenberg could be good one day, there's not a single person there who is so convinced that Hackenberg could be the guy that they'd pass on another quarterback that they think would be better. 

We have months to pour over the tape of these three quarterbacks and argue back and forth about who is better than the rest, but if the Jets fall in love with one of these prospects, and that guy is still onboard, then you can expect the Jets will draft the new quarterback of the future. Then we'll just have to see how long that future lasts.


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