WATCH: Hackenberg is "going to put in everything he has"

The scrutinized 2nd round pick is ready to prove his doubters wrong...

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - In recent memory there hasn't been a 2nd round QB who is more of a mystery than the Jets Christian Hackenberg. After the Jets basically "red shirted" him for his rookie season there have been anonymous rumblings from behind the scenes that he's a bust and "he couldn't throw a ball into the ocean". 

However, being that we haven't seen him in game action, those rumblings are pure speculation. No one has ever questioned Hackenberg's tools but whether he can use those tools to become a productive NFL QB is yet to be seen. 

We chatted with Hackenberg before the team left for the off-season and he spoke about how he plans to get to the next level and also the Jets young receivers that he throws to every day in practice. 

Check out the complete video above! 


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