WATCH: Fitz will always be a Chan Gailey fan.

Unfortunately it couldn't save him...

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - It's no secret that Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Chan Gailey fan. The two have a history of success in both Buffalo and here in NY. However, unfortunately for both of them the success was not consistent. The same way Fitzpatrick had good and bad seasons in Buffalo, the same happened here in New York. 

In the end, as in Buffalo, both may be gone from the Jets. Gailey already is after his "retirement" a few days after the season ended. Whether the retirement was forced (which is likely) the public may never know. Now it looks like Fitzpatrick will be the next one gone. It's unlikely the Jets will re-sign the soon to be free-agent as they look to rebuild and go in a new direction. 

We spoke to Fitzpatrick before the team packed up for the season and before Gailey officially retired and he spoke about his fondness of the long time veteran coach. As of today, the Jets are still searching for a replacement for Gailey. 

Check out the complete video above! 

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