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The New York Jets brought in quarterback Aaron Murray for a workout

Backup quarterback Aaron Murray visited the Jets for a workout

The Jets need a quarterback, so they brought one in for a workout even if we all know it's not one that they need. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily news reported that the Jets brought in former University of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray for a workout. Mehta also reported that the Jets are unlikely to sign Murray.

The news here isn't so much about Murray (who was drafted by the Chiefs in 2014, spent two years as a backup in Kansas City, had a very short stint on the Cardinals practice squad before spending most of last year on the Eagles practice squad), but about how the Jets seem to realize they don't simply need a starting quarterback but they might need a better backup as well. 

The Jets weren't working out Murray thinking he might be able to compete for the starting job, they were kicking the tires on him as a potential backup. How do I know this? Because he's Aaron Murray. It's no surprise that the Jets are unlikely to sign Murray, but the fact that they even bothered with him leads credence to the idea that they still aren't sold that Christian Hackenberg could even serve as a backup next year, and whether because of his season-ending injury or just his lackluster performance they can't feel very good about the idea of Bryce Petty in that role either.

Maybe that's just the end of January talking, but it doesn't seem like a big leap to make. Everyone knows the Jets need a new quarterback, but reality says they probably need two new quarterbacks.


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