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The New York Jets have hired New Orleans Saints wide receivers coach as their new offensive coordinator

The Jets have found their new offensive coordinator

The Jets search for a new offensive coordinator is over, it wasn't exactly an exhaustive search as only a handful of names were in the mix but Todd Bowles has turned the keys to the offense to Saints wide receivers coach John Morton.

The Jets search consisted of being denied the chance to interview Eagles quarterback coach John DeFilippo, interviewing Broncos running back coach Eric Studesville before he decided to stay with the Broncos, and interviewing George Godsey who was recently fired as the Texans offensive coordinator. Morton has a lot of experience as a coach in the NFL, 10 years with the Saints, 49ers and Raiders, but his only experience as a coordinator was in college at USC where he was the receivers coach and the passing-game coordinator.

During his time in the NFL Morton worked under Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh, two talented and smart offensive minds, and obviously Bowles hopes that Morton learned enough from those two and others to be a quality coordinator. Of course there's no way for any of us to know if he will actually be good, or bad or somewhere in between, until we actually see him call plays. 

It's tempting to think that since he was a receivers coach, and passing game coordinator, that he would lean towards opening up the passing game more and less on the running game but that's just connecting dots that might not actually be there. Over time we will see what type of coordinator Morton turns into, but now the focus has to immediately shift to what type of talent will he have to work with.

This wasn't exactly a coveted job around the league, to say the Jets don't know who their quarterback will be next year is quite and understatement plus will Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker be back to catch passes from whoever that quarterback ends up being? Then you have to factor in the very real possibility that unless Mike Maccagnan strikes a whole bunch of gold this offseason the Jets aren't likely to be much, if any, better next year and then the questions about whether Bowles should be fired or not start popping up again.

This is obviously not an ideal situation for any coordinator, let alone a first time coordinator, but the 47-year-old Morton was obviously willing to take the risk and believes he can succeed. Bowles has placed his faith in Morton, now the two of them have to salvage the ship that sank last year and get it back to floating above the water again.

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