New York Jets linebacker tweets that he was assaulted in Colombus, Ohio

Darron Lee was assaulted in Columbus, Ohio last night, according to his Twitter

Just like a reporter's son, Darron Lee reported that he was assaulted last night on his way home in Colombus. Lee took to Twitter to tweet parts of the story to his followers, but the bits and pieces he shared don't shed enough light to know the extent of, or the reason for, the assault.

Lee has since deleted all of his tweets but not before others took notes. According to the New York Daily News, Lee's first tweet about the incident was simply, "Nothing like getting jumped on a Saturday night." The Daily News reports that Lee said he was "completely sober" at the time and that he was hit, by multiple people, "for no reason" and added that he "didn't retaliate... I just withstood the blows." 

Lee didn't provide any more details about when, where or who and how many people assaulted him but according to his tweets Lee talked to the cops saying he wanted to thank the Colombus police for "sparing a young man's life tonight."

Lee finished his tweet-storm by saying he was "fine and safe now" and "I love life and I love all of you... I was just trying to go home," before deleting all of his tweets.

This is obviously only a small part of the story, but with Lee alerting the media to it and knowing that the police were called, or there, more details will likely start to pop up soon enough. 

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