Jets Darrelle Revis Charged with Multiple Felonies for incident in Pittburgh

Second Jets Player to Face Legal Problems

A Jets player is facing multiple charges.

Star cornerback Darrelle Revis was charged late Thursday night by the Pittsburgh police with aggravated assault, robbery, terroristic threats and conspiracy.

According to multiple reports including a release from the Pittsburgh Police Department, the charges stem from an altercation Sunday night at 2:43 a.m. Two unidentified men, ages 22 and 21, spotted a male who resembled Revis and confronted him, to which Revis acknowledged his identity. The 22-year-old proceeded to take out his phone and record Revis while walking. At one point, Revis snatched the phone from the man, attempting to delete the video, and threw it into the street. While the 21-year-old went to retrieve the phone, an argument ensued between Revis and the 22-year-old.

Another man came to the aide of Revis, and both the 22-year-old and 21-year-old, according to the police, "were punched, then remember waking up to talk to police." Witnesses claim the men were unconscious for 10 minutes. The police looked at the video, and confirmed it was Revis.

Revis' attorney, Blaine Jones, offered a different side to the story, claiming Revis was "physically assaulted while at the location by a group of at least five people."

"The bottom line is, Darrelle Revis was the victim in all this," Jones said in a phone interview with ESPN's Rich Cimini. "He never went out to start a fight. He has stellar credibility."

Jones has contacted Revis about surrendering to police. While he didn't say when Revis would surrender himself, Jones says it could happen "rather soon". He also mentioned that Revis required medical attention, but wouldn't describe the severity of the injuries. Jones also claimed Revis hasn't had the opportunity to give a statement to police regarding the incident.

A Jets spokeman has stated that the team is aware of the incident and have talked to Revis, but no other statement was made.

According to Jones, Revis was visiting his family and friends last weekend and stopped by a location in the South Side that's he's in the process of developing.

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