A conversation with Vinny Testaverde<p>

Q)Where is the offense at right now?<p> Testaverde: We certainly have a lot of room for improvement. Some things that you wish you can have back and do over again. We will have to wait for next week and make it happen.<p>

Q)What would you like to have back?

Testaverde: There was definitely one throw for sure and a couple of reads and decisions. As you would probably expect. I have the confidence now knowing that I have played a game and seen it live. It certainly helps me in how I approach the next game.

Q)Is the offense too conservative?

Testaverde: You can't force things that aren't there. There were plays that were called that were meant to be thrown down the field, but the coverages didn't dictate throwing them. There were five plays called for down field.

Q)Do you guys need to change the offense to make it a little more vertical?

Testaverde: We are not going to change the offense. Don't get me wrong, we have plays that go downfield. We just need to play a little better and we will be okay.

Q)Will all the reps against Washington make you more comfortable entering the second game?

Testaverde: I saw the speed of the game. A lot of times when you don't get to practice things, and you go in there, things seem to go real quick real fast and it's a blur.

Q)How did you see the field?

Testaverde: I felt like saw field very well and saw things clearly. When you can see things clearly and can see where you want to throw the ball, that gives you confidence.

Q)Why were there so many throws short of the first down on third down?

Testaverde: There were some throws that I could have made better that could have helped the receivers.

Q)How important is to establish a running game?

Testaverde: I think it's important for us with our philosophy to have our running game working at all times. That's what really makes this whole offense work. When Curtis is running the ball, when he's running at his best, we are winning games. Q)How close is this offense to clicking?

Testaverde: I feel like it's very close. Sometimes it looks bad, but it's real close. There were a lot of little things that we missed on and a lot of them, I know you hear this all the time, but we were close.

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