Jets vs. Dolphins Injury Report

The Jets have no injuries other than QB Chad Pennington. Across the field, however, the Dolphins are banged up as T Mark Dixon is doubtful and CB Sam Madison is questionable.<BR><BR>

Miami Dolphins

OUT: QB Brian Griese (toe)

DOUBTFUL: T Mark Dixon (ankle)

QUESTIONABLE: CB Sam Madison (ankle); S Shawn Wooden (hamstring/hand)

PROBABLE: DT Larry Chester (feet); C Seth McKinney (finger); WR James McKnight (toe); DE Adewale Ogunleye (knee); P Mark Royals(hamstring); C Tim Ruddy (knee); LB Zach Thomas (ribs); RB Ricky Williams (ankle)

New York Jets

OUT: QB Chad Pennington (wrist)

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