According to Edwards its simple

For Herman Edwards, the key to ending this two game losing streak, and getting back on track is simple; the Jets have to play solid football for an entire game. <p>

New York (0-2) has at times shown flashes of the team that shined over the last half of the 2002 season, however their problem is they have failed to play this way for an entire game.

"I never thought we would be 0-2 again," said Edwards. "The opportunities for us to be successful are there, I see it, now we have to go out and execute, and execute for a full game, not just a half."

Rather than playing well for an entire game, Gang Green has played well in the second half of both their contests, and horribly in the beginning of both games. At Washington, and against Miami, New York only surrendered three total points during the second halves of each game.

New York has out-gained their opponents in the second half of contests this season (309-219 total yards), and outscored them 13-3.

However, in New York's two first halves this season, they were out gained in total yards 479-209, and outscored by a 34-10 margin.

This is a problem that Edwards is not happy with.

"You look at both games and it's the same thing, we are playing halves of games. In the first halves we are spotting them points and then we are playing good in the second half," said Edwards. " We have only given up 3 points in the second half.

"I don't think its effort. Sometimes we don't play smart. We play smart in the second half. For some reason I can't figure it out. We have to play a full football game." …

Need to control the running game and number of plays :

However the most damning statistics are the numbers New York have put up running the football, and against the run.

In New York's first two games, they were out-rushed 195-42, in the first thirty minutes of each contest, including 136-9 against Miami.

The inability to run the football, or stop the run leads, to fewer total offensive plays.

Playing like this keeps the defense on the field for too many downs. In the Jets first two games, the defense has been on the field for 125 plays, while their offense lined up just 98 times.

"Offensively we could not establish the run," said Edwards. "We only had 19 total plays in the first half (against Miami). You have to get more plays."

With out more offensive snaps it will be hard for the running game to succeed. Curtis Martin will attest to that.

"Any running back will tell you that it is after their 16th or 17th carry of the game when they are feeling their best," said Martin.

With the running game not working early, and the team falling behind on the scoreboard, it is unlikely Martin will get even 15 carries if the Jets continue to play this way.

The perfect example of this was last Sunday. Against Miami the Jets fell behind early, and tried to catch up late. This usually leads to abandoning the running game.

Against the Dolphins, New York almost exclusively passed in the second half, running only four times, under Edwards's orders.

"I was determined to throw," said Edwards after the Miami game. "I told Paul to throw the ball because we can't run it. We are kidding ourselves. You might as well throw the ball. After a while, we didn't even throw a screen in anymore. We would just try to throw it downfield."

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