From a fan's perspective

The Jets can get things together, and need to do so immediately before things get even worse from this fan's perspective.<BR><BR>

It's hard being a Jets Fan, my team is 0-3 and everyone I talk to has someone to blame. It's either Curtis Martin, Herman Edwards, our Linebackers, Paul Hackett, Terry Bradway, etc. To me, it's not any of those guys, I'd never put the blame on a single person or anything. The way I see it, if we win as a team, we win as a team! If we lose, then we lose as a team. The Jets can get things together, and need to do so immediately before things get even worse from this fans perspective.

The main problem I see with the Jets is their Offensive Line, it just can't open up the holes that Curtis Martin needs to get into rhythm. I'm not saying they're horrible or anything, it'll just take some time for them to gel. They do an excellent job protecting QB Vinny Testaverde though, which is good since Vinny has been on fire lately! Already in just three games so far this Season, Vinny is 69-112 for 742 yards and 2 TD's. Plus in other news, Testaverde officially passed QB Johnny Unitas (40,239) for 8th on the NFL Career Passing Yardage List with 40,300! In case you're wondering who is 7th on the NFL Career Passing Yardage List, it's none other than QB Joe Montana with 40,551. He might even surpass another #16 in the weeks to come.

Looking at some positives on the Jets, I love how our Pass Rush has been with our front four of DE's John Abraham & Shaun Ellis and DT's Jason Ferguson and Chester McGlockton. They've done a great job in pressuring the QB and even in sacks! Plus in the reps that DT DeWayne Robertson has been given, he's done a pretty good job for a rookie. I see great things to come with him once he gets his feet wet!

Next up we have the Dallas Cowboys, led by none other than former Jets Head Coach Bill Parcells. This is a must win game for the Jets because if they don't win this game, they're going into the BYE week 0-4, and that isn't good at all. The Jets have a good chance in winning this game, all they need to do is establish the run. In all past three games we've lost, we haven't been able to produce at least 100 yards. It's crucial to get at least that many yards to increase your chances of winning. It's not good to throw the ball 40+ times a game, it's better to run more because when you run more, lots of great things happen. You eat up the clock, tire out defenses, and it helps set up the play action pass, which if done at the right time, can devastate a secondary in a matter of seconds.

Before I finish, let me just say one last thing. As you know, I'm always doing my best to be positive when it comes to our beloved Jets and I'm passing it along to you, just hang in there. Things aren't the worst just yet, they're bad, but it could be worse. Just hang in there and keep on supporting and cheering this team, all it takes is a little faith and you'd be surprised just how far it can go. GO JETS!

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