Heading into week 4/ Mawae Hurts Knee

If anything is an absolute certainty for the Jets, as they prepare to take on the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, they need to win this game in order to have a fighting chance at the playoffs. <p>

The Jets (0-3) are at the bottom of the AFC East, mired in a three game losing streak. Everyone in the organization knows just how badly they must win this Sunday. A loss would give the defending AFC East champions to a 0-4 record heading into the bye week.

The Jets were never four games under 500 at any point during the last two seasons, years in which they fought through slow starts and made the playoffs..

"(The desperation) gets bigger and bigger," said Herman Edwards. "Gets like a big doughnut after a while. And you want to win. And we need to win; there is no doubt about it. We need to get a win and get to 1-3."

There are those who could argue that this weekend's contest is only one game, but to use that explanation is nonsense, and everyone knows it.

"We really want to get a win," said strong safety Sam Garnes. "We are desperate for a win, it would be nice to get one this week."

Part of the reason why the Jets did not feel this sense of urgency in the early part of the season was because they have dug themselves out from three games under 500 before, during the "Herman Edwards Era".

But if the team falls to four games under the .500 mark, they will be entering unchartered territory, all of the sudden the sense of security that "we have done this before" evaporates.

"We faced this last year," said Edwards. "The only difference last year, was we won our first game, then we lost four in a row, then we got a win, lost again, 2-5, all of a sudden we got going, got a four game winning streak, all of a sudden we were 5-5, and we felt kind of good…

"If we win this game, were 1-3 just like last year, and were off to that great start again, right? We go by quarters. We were 1-3 after four games. Just like last year except we flipped it. We won our first game. Hopefully, go in this game, win this game, win this game in the fourth quarter, got the same record."

The players have started to feel the stress that losing three games in a row comes with.

"This is a tough deal it really is," said Kevin Mawae. "It's like the expectations were so high and now we are looking to get out of this hole we have dug ourselves in. We are confident we can get out of this hole; we are confident we can turn this thing around and we are confident we can do it this week. Nobody wants to go into the bye week with a loss."

A win this week could cure the negative karma from their three game losing streak, and set this team on the right path.

"You have a bye week, regroup from there, and hope you can get it going," said Edwards. "When you win a game, you'll fell a little better about yourself, all of a sudden you get another win, then you got two wins, that's how it works in this league."

After the week off, The Jets will face Buffalo at home, a tough, but winnable game. After Buffalo, they travel to Houston to face the second-year expansion franchise Texans. Wins over both of these teams give them a 3-3 record, and a fighting shot.

You never know.


Kevin Mawae hurt his right knee in practice this afternoon, and will have an MRI today. It is uncertain if he will play this weekend. For more on Mawae check back to Jets confidential later in the day.

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