Moss moves Chrebet over

The decision to make Santana Moss a starting wide receiver is forcing Wayne Chrebet into a position he is not too familiar with. <p>

Moss will now be the Jets Z receiver. He will line up on the right side of the field. Chrebet has been the Z, and now, the former Hofstra University standout, must move to the left side, and become the X.

"I have played maybe five or six games at the X my whole career," said Chrebet. "The switch is different. I have been spelled there at times. I have never really practiced there. I just have kind of gotten in there in certain situations in the game."

This change in positions might force a period of adjustment for the ninth year pro, who currently ranks second on the Jets all-time receptions list.

"The coverage there (on the left) is a little different," said Chrebet. "You don't have the tight end on your side, so you always get the coverage rolled to your side. I am used to being on the right. That's probably the biggest thing I have to get comfortable with, being on the left side of the field."

The Jets are shuffling their receiving core, in an effort to get more production from an offense that has scored just three touchdowns in four games.

They are hoping that with Moss seeing more playing time on the right side of the field, the offense will be more explosive.

Moss's speed, route running, and sure hands make him a threat to go deep at any point throughout the game. He proved this big play ability in Week Two against the Dolphins, when he caught five balls, for 142 yards, and a touchdown.

The following week, Herman Edwards was upset with his lack of production. However, the root of his frustration was not necessarily directed at him. Against the Patriots, Moss was not the starter, and when he was in the game the extra safety, was on his side of the field.

"They rolled up their coverage on him," said Edwards the week after.

Moss finished the New England game with just one reception for 17 yards.

Now with Moss lining up at the Z, and Chrebet at the X, the coverage will not be rolled up to his side. Now Moss will have the tight end on his side of the formation, making it difficult to pay too much attention to him.

The thinking behind the switch is to give the former first round draft pick, who has 14 receptions for 236 yards, this season (16.9 average per catch) more opportunities to make big plays. A role he has wanted since he arrived in New York, from the University of Miami.

"I don't want to be on the field just to be on the field, it is easy for someone to say I go out on the field and play football," said Moss. "It is not so easy when you say OK did you make a play in that game.

"Anyone can go out there and say I am part of a football team. When it comes to saying did you help them win that game, or did you help them on that drive? I want to be a part of something like that. I was never in this game just to be out there. I feel like I have talent to really use to the best of my ability, and to help this team. I try to go out there and make sure I use my talent."


Number Two:

Brooks Bolllinger is still the team's number two quarterback. Jamie Martin is the third string for now. "Vinny is the starter right now, and if something would happen to him Brooks would go in the game," said Edwards.

Herm hitting the tape:

When the head coach was asked if he would watch any live football this weekend, he responded, "Probably not, I am just going to be here working all weekend."

However, the coach does not want his players to miss any of the action this Sunday.

"I told the players to watch the teams playing this weekend. Watch the ones that are 4-0. And then ask yourself why they are 4-0, and why we are 0-4. That is the question everyone has to ask themselves."

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