From a Fan's Perspective

We're 0-4. Everyone else in the AFC East won this past weekend which made things that much harder.<BR><BR>

We can't stop the run and we can't even run the football! We can't seem to put the ball in the end Zone as we either we come back with no TDs scored or the ever famous field goal. Then as if things weren't bad enough as it is, all these ridiculous media-created rumors and stories start floating about coach Edwards having problems with Owner Woody Johnson. Basically, since the start of the season, it's been hell but this is pretty much now or never for the NY Jets.

It all starts this weekend when the Buffalo Bills come into town. To me, everything done these past four weeks doesn't mean anything now. No one should dwell on the past. The way I see it, everything starts over right now. We need to win this game at all costs even if it's by a single point. The thing that makes me very confident about our Jets is that THEY know their backs are against the wall and THEY have to do everything right to beat the Bills. It's amazing how many athletes ride off that emotion when it's pretty much do or die. The adrenaline rush alone can make anyone do things they never thought possible.

I've watched all four of the past games, and it's not that our team can't get the job done; they just don't have that fire in them. They don't have the passion that makes you so angry to succeed and makes you use it in a positive way. It's a gut feeling I have that now they are BEYOND angry at all the negative media they've been getting with fans losing hope and everything else. Now they're going to act like a completely different team and we need that!

There's been a lot of talk about QB Chad Pennington coming back sooner than expected and I'm somewhat against that. To me, Chad is an inspiration and a true leader but he shouldn't rush himself to come back. I'd hate for something worse to happen because he was so anxious to step in. Sometimes you just need to have patience and give things a little bit more time. That's especially true when it comes to injuries. I'd rather him come in when he's 110% healed than come in just because he's dying to be on the field. It's something to admire about him, but I just hope the right decisions are made when it's time for him to return.

It's now or never for our beloved NY Jets. I want them to go out there and prove all their critics wrong. Yeah, it's bad that they are winless going into October but there's still hope. Who's to say we don't go on a winning streak? One thing I've learned by being an NFL Fan pretty much all of my life is the fact that you can never count your team out. Who would have thought that the Indianapolis Colts would have rallied at the end of MNF and come back to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Yeah, if something like that can happen, anything can happen with the NY Jets.

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