Myers likes new role

It was his senior year in college, and the biggest game of the season. <p>

Leonard Myers was injured leading up to the contest, and had not practiced in three weeks. But somehow the then senior cornerback managed to carry himself onto the field for a defensive series late in the game.

He made a stop on a critical third down play; knocking the ball out of the receiver's hand and ensuring the University of Miami a win over archrival Florida State. The receiver he held in check was Anquan Boldin, and the play helped keep the Hurricanes alive in their hunt for a BCS Bowl.

After the play Myers had to be helped off the field under the assistance of some of his teammates.

It takes heart and desire for players to play and produce when they are hurt.

And those are the type of qualities Herman Edwards is looking for as he makes a commitment to youth over experience in the coming weeks. The Jets coach is attempting to infuse energy and enthusiasm into a team who is winless, and sits in last place in the AFC East.

And one person who embodies these type of qualities is Myers (5-10-196).

"I take the aspect like every time you go out there have fun like you were a kid in Pop Warner," said Myers. " You really did not worry about if anything bad happens, you just line up the next play and have fun. Leave everything out on the field and then you cant feel bad about anything."

This attitude has showed off in practice, and has gotten the attention of his head coach.

"Well, I think Leonard has got some instincts," said Edwards. "He has a pretty good feel about where to be on the field, playing football, especially at corner. So it's just a matter of letting him go out and play. Leonard is going to play some corner (this week against Buffalo). He will play corner when we go dime."

Myers has not always been rewarded throughout his time in the NFL for showing passion for the game. In New England, under Bill Belichick, he was often told not to show emotion on the field. And when he did his coach didn't appreciate it.

"New England was trying to take the fun out of it," said Myers. "It was strictly business on and off the field. Once you get in the field you have to let someone play, you cannot try to control their enthusiasm, and that is what they tried to do.

"It came from the head coach I guess, everything goes how the head coach wants it to go. It trickles down to the players. Early when I got there they would always say this is not Miami, this is not the Hurricanes. I was like what does that have to do with anything, football players just like to have fun."

The third year corner back was waived by the Patriots on August 31st, and then went to New Orleans for two weeks. It did not work out there, and now he finds himself a member of the Jets.

He's enjoying his new experience with his third team this season, not only because he gets another chance at playing the games he loves, but because the rules are different here.

Under Edwards, players are encouraged to show emotion and passion for the game, like he did while he was a player.

This makes Myers very comfortable with his new team, and new coach.

"I feel comfortable on this team and with this coach,' said Myers. "A coach like that feeds into somebody like me. Coach Edwards is a very enthusiastic person as himself, he shows a lot of passion when he just talks about this game. He gets teary eyed, that kind of grows in me. And it fits me.

" It makes me want to go out there and take somebody's head off, or your head off for this guy. But you know I like that."


There is still no word on whether Pro-Bowl defensive end John Abraham will play this weekend. Edwards so he says still has not made up his mind on what course of action he will take with the player who pleaded guilty to drunk driving.

"You know me I can't to make any decisions," said Edwards sarcastically.

If Abraham is deactivated, second year pro Bryan Thomas should get the start. It is almost a sure bet to say that after Dallas, Chester McGlockton's days of being a defensive end are over.

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