Herm still evasive on Abraham's status<p>

Q)Any update on John Abraham's status?<p>

Edwards: He practiced pretty good today. I'll wait until Sunday (to decide whether he will play).

Q)Any reason why you'll wait until Sunday rather than saying anything at this point?

Edwards: There are a lot of reasons. Think about it. If you're the other team.

Q)So you're talking about football reasons?

Edwards: Other reasons, too. I don't want to get into those.

Q)Does he know your decision?

Edwards: No one knows my decision but me. I haven't announced it. There's a lot of speculation on it. The most important thing is us trying to beat the Bills. We're not worried about a decision I'm going to make. We're playing without our quarterback. We're playing without a lot of players who've gotten hurt. As far as I'm concerned, he's playing at this point. But that decision will be made Sunday.

Q)How do you anticipate the team will play this Sunday?

Edwards: I think we'll play good, I really do. These guys know where we're at at this point. We're backed up against it, we're running out of games, and we don't want to go 0-5. If we win this game, we've got a chance. We've got a chance to get back in the race, and that's what we want to do. I think we've had a good couple of weeks to practice, and now we've got to go do it on the field. Practicing is great, but now we have to transfer it on to the field and go win a football game.

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