From a fan's perspective

When you're a multi-dimensional team in the NFL, every single one of your opponents knows you don't depend on one player, but several.<BR><BR>

Some teams depend on a playmaker of a wide Receiver, running Back, defensive end, linebacker, or even a quarterback that can make plays even against the best of opponents. When it came to the NY Jets entering the month of September and even the start of October, we‘ve been struggling to find that playmaker. At first we thought it was QB Vinny Testaverde, DE John Abraham, and even WR Santana Moss. Now with our first win of the season under our belt, guess what? We're now a multi-dimensional team.

One week it was QB Vinny Testaverde having a solid game; another it was WR Santana Moss making huge plays for tons of yards; the next it was WR Curtis Conway. And now, who was it? Guys like TE Anthony Becht, LB Sam Cowart, DE Shaun Ellis, LB Victor Hobson, CB Aaron Beasley, and so on and so forth. At first, we had no running game and were even considered to not even have any kind of productivity. We couldn't run the football, couldn't stop the run, and couldn't produce points. Now because of an injection of youth, hunger, and energy, we now have playmakers on offense, defense, and special teams.

Offensively, QB Vinny Testaverde, his group of Wide Receivers, his Tight End, and the running game are all clicking. I know RB Curtis Martin didn't break the 100 yard mark, but he still showed many times he still has it. TE Anthony Becht had a heck of a game which is something I didn't think would happen. The NY Jets tweaked around a lot with their play calling and in the end, Becht was the focus this past Sunday. I never saw it coming and I'm sure neither did the Buffalo Bills. Defensively, we were dominant. The NY Jets as a team registered 7 sacks Sunday and that was without DE John Abraham (deactivated). We even registered 2 interceptions, lots of defensive stops, and some passes defensed. Special Teams wise, PR-WR Santana Moss lit up the field and KR Michael Bates did an excellent job running the ball on kick returns. It wasn't just a playmaker on offense, defense, or special teams that got the Jets their first win of the season. It was the entire team that made them win 30-3.

Now as a team, opponents will realize it's not just Testaverde, Martin, Conway, Ellis, or Moss they have to worry about. They now have to worry about the entire NY Jets. Once you put our backs against the wall, it's hard to break us now. You might think I'm jumping ahead here, but let's get real for a moment. We were 0-4 going into this game and we needed a win in the worst way not only to save our season, but boost the morale both in the hearts of the Jets organization and its fans. We won and now it's time to get the jets on (pun intended) and start taking names. If I were a player on the Jets, I'd be so filled with rage about the start of the season that I'd work off of that and just become unstoppable. Unfortunately I'm not a Jet, just a fan. But I‘m still using that mentality; I'm never going to give up on this team. As far as I'm concerned, we've just begun, and we're going to surprise a whole lot of people in the next few weeks.

Yet you know what the most amazing thing is? We've been through adversity before. In past seasons, we've had our backs against the wall and had to bounce back. Maybe the Jets just don't play to their potential until it's about to be too late. Right at that little edge when it's about to be over, they find themselves and pull through. What amazes me is, we're now 1-4 and the best hasn't come. What am I talking about you ask? Number 10.

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