Secondary in shambles

Last week it was about infusing youth and energy into the defense. This week it's all about staying alive while playing with a depleted unit. <p>

The Jets will enter Sunday's game in Houston without their third, and fourth cornerbacks from last week's victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Jamie Henderson, the team's nickel back is questionable on the injury report with a sprained knee. But according to Herman Edwards "He won't go this week. I think he is questionable, but I don't think he's going to go at this point."

Leonard Myers, the Jets dime cornerback from last week, was released on Wednesday because of an injury to his shoulder that will take about two weeks to heal.

Gang Green will also be without the services of their starting free safety Jon McGraw, who is out at least two weeks with a shoulder injury. Tyrone Carter will be the starter at free safety this Sunday. He has practiced mainly at strong safety.

To address their issues in the secondary the Jets have signed free agent CB Ray Green (6-3, 195) and signed S David Young (6-1, 209), from Cleveland's practice squad. Green and Young have never played a down as a Jet, or practiced with the team until Wednesday.

Green, will be the team's nickel cornerback this Sunday in Houston, and Young will also play. "He's breathing he will play," said Edwards.

Now the question has to be raised - what will happen to a secondary that has only had three practices with one another, before a game in the National Football League?

According to the players, the key is doing a lot of talking.

"Communication [between the defensive backs] is a must," said Carter. "We have to know where each other are at all times on the field. It doesn't matter if you are playing against a receiver who is 4.6 or 4.7. If you are not communicating, and you are playing the wrong coverage, you are playing Cover Two and the other guy is playing Cover Three, and you're going to the deep middle, and he is playing cover three, the receiver will be wide open. That is why it's important to communicate."

No matter what they say, the Jets still might have some real issues this Sunday against a very good offense.

The Texans have the Number One rated offensive attack in the AFC. Their main weapon is the passing game, where David Carr, and company are averaging 250 yards a game through the air.

Their leading receiver is Andre Johnson, who has 28 catches on the season for 395 yards (14.1 average per) and two touchdowns.

One veteran Jet player feels playing without their top personnel, and with new players on short notice is a big task.

"It will definitely be harder this week," said Sam Garnes, the starting strong safety. "We lost Jon McGraw, and Donnie is out, and so is Jamie Henderson. It's going to be tough but we will find a way."

Garnes, is taking it upon himself to be the leader in the defensive backfield this week. He wants to be the lead communicator for a unit that may be confused more often than not.

"As far as safeties are concerned, I am doing the communicating, I have to be a leader. When things don't go right, I put it on my shoulders, so I cannot allow things to go wrong. Most of the stuff that can go wrong is before the play, a player not being lined up and where the defense were in, as long as they line up correctly its up to them."

Green, who became a Jet on Wednesday admitted that when you come to a new team, there are certain challenges you must overcome.

"The main thing when you go to a different team everybody's terminology is different," said Green.

Well hopefully for the Jets (1-4), the veterans in the secondary, such as Garnes can communicate to the new players where to line up, and what to do.

Otherwise the Texans could do a lot of damage through the air.

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