Game 6 notebook

After the Jets dramatic nail biting 19-14 win over the Texans, here is a post game look at what the players and coaches are saying. The win gives the Jets a 2-4 record. <p>

Jets Head Coach Herman Edwards

(On the outcome of today's game) "Obviously it was a game that we needed to win. In the first half, Houston did a nice job early of doing the things that needed to be done, and we couldn't get anything going. Coming into the game I told the team that this was going to be a 60-minute game, but I was wrong. It was a 59:30 game. After we scored, the kickoff was not an onside kick by any means. He just missed the ball and our defense stepped up and made some good plays in the last drive to hold them."

(On the team's emotions before the last drive)

"I'm a guy that always looks at the clock. They had no timeouts left and I thought it was over, but low and behold, they made it back to the 27 yard-line on the kickoff. But the defense didn't panic and held them. After four downs they couldn't convert and we won the game."

(On defensive adjustments made at halftime)

"It was more attitude than anything. They were upset at halftime with the way we played in the first half. Houston has a potent offense and we did a better job in the second half on tackling. The good thing about the first half was that they only scored 14 points. We just nipped away and scored a touchdown at the end to win it."

(On the impact of this win)

"I haven't ever been 1-5 as a head coach; I've been 2-5 but never 1-5. You just have to deal with the experiences that confront you, and we never really panicked. I just believe in this team. At the end of the year we'll just look at this game as another win. Some will say it was ugly, but the guys did a great job of fighting back and we pulled it out."

(On where the team it headed)

"That is between me and the football team, and I won't discuss it with anyone else except to say that they know where we need to be and we are headed in the right direction."

(On who will start at QB next weekend)

"I don't know yet. We will make that decision on Monday after we look at the tape. I'm not going to hide it; I'm not the kind of coach that will do that. I'll talk with Chad (Pennington) on the plane on the way home and we'll see what we need to do." CB Aaron Beasley

(on fourth quarter kickoff return)

"I was just thankful that my man Quincy (Stewart) made the play. I was just thinking, just give us a chance. He saved the day for us."

(on shutting stopping Texans after they scored two touchdowns)

"If you look at a couple of plays like mine, I got a little to aggressive and he threw it behind me. That was 37 yards. Things like that we can't give up. In the second half we still played our same game plan, but we just did our job."

(on Domanick Davis' first start)

"He's a good runner. He's quick and very shifty. I lost him a couple of plays in the backfield."

Jets WR Santana Moss

(on the game) "I think that was the best game that I've had in terms of seeing where I wanted to be, and seeing where I wanted to go. I just said, hey, why wait for somebody else and just let me do it myself."

(on making big plays)

"We know what we can do. We just had to keep punching it. They gave all that they had in the first half and we knew that we had an arsenal of plays. We hadn't given them anything that we had. Now they know that and if they don't know that, then they are in trouble."

(on the catch up the middle)

"It's something that I always vision myself doing. I told you time and time again, I don't want to be on the field just to be on the field. I want to be somebody that makes it happen. I pride myself in doing it in practice, and in the off-season. We do it so much in practice that it was almost like a walk in the park."

LB Quincy Stewart

(on making the play of the year)

"It's big. It lets you know that you are welcome here and they brought me here for a reason. Being a new guy, when you come in, a lot of people don't know you. For me, making a play like that means the team will be in my corner and we're going to get this thing rolling."

LB Marvin Jones

(On the second half) "We settled down in the second half. We started to just play better. We figured out some of the tactics they were trying to use on us. They made some big plays on us. We just didn't play good defense, but we were able to correct those mistakes."

Jet's QB Vinny Testaverde

(on the huddle before the final drive)

"Our guys are really experienced. We've been in this situation before. You don't have to say much. You go out, call the plays with confidence and you know they will respond. We knew it was going to be a 60-minute battle, and we came out ahead."

(on his play today)

"I was a little under the weather last night, so I was battling the whole time to stay tough. I just tried to make plays and help my team win."

(on the scoring drive at the end of the second period)

"That was huge. We were down two scores before that, and we knew we had to keep it close going into the half."

(on the slow start to the game)

"They did some things and showed us some packages we didn't expect. They did some different things than what we had seen on film. So it took us awhile to figure that out and get things going. We started to move the ball pretty well in the second quarter, and we were able to get some big yards in the second half."

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