From a fan's perspective

During his rookie season with the New York Jets, WR-PR Santana Moss didn't do too well. He was injured for the most part and even then, some people considered him a first round bust.<BR><BR>

But I knew deep inside that given another year or two, he would emerge as a star. I didn't think he would do too well as a wide receiver since he was mostly revered for his speed and punt return skills, but he definitely proved me wrong.

In his second season, he showed some signs here and there that he possessed the famous moniker. He showed some flashes that with a simple 5 yard reception, he could turn it into a 20+ or even 30+ yard gain. But again, he didn't really show consistency last season despite showing that he had the potential. Now entering his third season, the time has come for Moss to showcase his natural abilities.

So far this season, Moss has already had several 100+ yard games as a wide receiver. He's making more than a handful of big plays and has shown that he could be a legit deep ball threat. I knew that over time, he'd eventually break out, and this might very well be HIS season to make a name for himself. Even with punt returns, he has made several plays for big yardage giving him two dimensions on this team. He could either burn you as a wide receiver or as a punt returner. Either way, he's so quick that all you're going to see is a green blur going right by you.

Remember back when Moss would have dropped several passes when he should have caught them in the end zone? Well, so far this season, Moss has 3 touchdowns, including possibly the biggest one of this career in the Jets 19-14 victory over the Houston Texans this past Sunday. To this day I have no idea how he caught that without getting injured or having the ball knocked right out from him, but he did it and came down with it. He came through in the clutch and doesn't show any more signs of being nervous or thinking too much about his abilities. He seems so natural right now that he's getting into a groove as you can obviously see him headed in the right direction.

He might not be the tallest, most physical, or best wide receiver playing in the NFL right now, but Santana Moss is starting to show that he's only going to get better. It's scary because he's just in his third season as a New York Jet and maybe, just maybe, we've yet to see what he REALLY is capable of. To this Jets Fan, the best has yet to come from Threat #83.

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