A conversation with Paul Hackett <p>

After practice on Wednesday Paul Hackett sat down with the New York Media to discuss the quarterback change. Jets Confidential brings you the whole conversation, from wire to wire. <p>

Q) This is kind of a weird situation getting two guys ready to play?


It's a fantastic situation. Nobody could be happier than me. We have been waiting 9, 10, 11 weeks to get back to the way we were. Its just great to have them both going. Vinny will start and when we feel like to put Chad in we will.

I think he's (Chad) going to be rusty, it's only smart to think that after ten weeks of inactivity that he wont be as sharp as he would like to be. But with every snap in practice and every snap in a get he'll get better, he'll more in a groove and in a few weeks you'll see some real life to him. If we can capture his mind first and everything will follow.

Q) How sharp was he during the exhibition season?


I think he (Pennington) was very sharp. Some things he did in the preseason were very good. I try not to think of the Giants game. I try to eliminate it out of my mind. Those early drives in the preseason he was in a rhythm, and in a groove.

The issue now is endurance.

It's one thing to have one or two drives. Its something entirely different to be ready in the fourth quarter like Vinny did last week and take us the length of the field to win the game. That's the issue.

Q) Can you talk about Vinny's situation where he knows he is going in and knows he will be pulled?


I wouldn't say it was the first time he was going to get pulled. I would say one of those crazy coaches he played for before yanked his butt out of the game. The difference now is here he knows it doesn't matter how he plays.

We are going to take two guys and ride them as far as we can take them, and they are going to play back and forth.

He (Testaverde) knows sometime in this first half, ok we have to get this other guy in the groove, and he also knows he may have to go back in the game. And he may not go back in. That us what we do not know. You have to remember and I have said this for three years we have a great situation here they really do help each other. Chad could not have had the year he did last season without the help of Vinny

Q) He (Vinny) obviously views himself as a starter, can you see how much he wants to play.


He just played his best football game, in quite sometime. He is playing very well right now. This (change) is not coming as a surprise. This has been on the horizon for the last few weeks and now it's come, now it's happening and he understands that. For the football team to be at its best this is what has to unfold.

It's the two men that we are dealing with. For a 2-4-football team we have an upbeat attitude about getting better, and that is true at the quarterback position. After six weeks he played his best game against Houston. Vinny made a great throw to Santana last week in the end zone between two defenders, in just doesn't get better than that.

Q) What was your scenario about Chad?


The worst thing you can do is rush a guy back too soon. I have been in those situations before.

I just don't think it's realistic to throw someone in after 12 weeks and think they can play the game. I have seen it too many times they can't. It's an endurance issue. To play in an NFL game for 60 minutes is a major accomplishment. He will make some plays, he'll miss some plays.

Q) What are the things you are most concerned about with Chad?


"I think it is the accuracy. You have to remember Chad's game is accuracy, he has been very accurate. He is brilliant in terms of getting the ball to somebody. He wont be that sharp in terms of that, you cannot simulate game situations in practice. That will be my concern.

That is the big thing will the ball go where he wants it to go. His decision-making will be fine. His handling of the ball will be fine. Does the ball go where he wants it to go. That may take some time?

Q) What about the Eagles?


This is the best defensive team we have played since Miami. This is a big time defensive team. They are health in the secondary. I am concerned about pass protection, they are a pressure team what if they come after him? And where does that leave his rustiness about getting the ball out of his hand. I would love for him not to come back for this team.

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