Post game: Philadelphia

After tonight's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jets sit at 2-5. Here is a look at what some of the players and coaches of Gang Green are saying after this defeat. <p>


On the loss:

"Obviously this is a disappointing game. I thought for the most part that we played in spurts, but you can't turn the ball over like we did on the road. We turned it over in some crucial situations and we got penalized at times that took us out of what we were trying to do offensively. We missed some tackles, and you can't do that on the road against a good football team. Obviously those things happened, and we couldn't pull it out at the end. For the most part, I thought the team competed pretty well, but when you have all of those miscues, it's very, very difficult to win on the road."

On the play of quarterback Chad Pennington:

"I thought Chad was a little bit rusty, but he did some good things. He moved the football team. The one pick he threw, he didn't get enough elevation on the ball. For the most part, I thought he did a pretty nice job. I thought Vinny [Testaverde] did a nice job. We moved the ball offensively, but we got ourselves in trouble with fouls that put us in long yardage situations. Against [the Eagles] that's very tough. We had some opportunities on defense to hold them in there and we didn't do it. When you do that and turn the ball over, it's very difficult to win."

On the play of quarterback Vinny Testaverde:

"He moved the ball pretty good.

And I thought Chad moved it in there too. It was my decision. That's when [Pennington] was going to go. I thought for the most part, he did a pretty good job. He moved us down there and got us points."

On who will start for the Jets at quarterback next week:

"I'll make a decision on that on Monday."

On whether there was ever a scenario in which Testaverde would play the whole game at quarterback:

"I don't know if there was a scenario, but I thought Chad was going to get some time. Our offense moved the ball and we had 383 yards of total offense, but we didn't score enough points. The bottom line is that you have to score points. But we moved the ball. We had some miscues - we turned it over and we had a punt blocked and that's tough. When you do that, it's tough to win on the road."

On the timing of his decision to switch quarterbacks:

"I was just making sure that Vinny had a good flow going. The first time we talked about it, we actually let [Vinny] go another series. I wanted to get Chad in there and get him going and I told Vinny that something could go wrong or if something should happen, you be ready to go back."

Chad Pennington

On if he is disappointed with the loss:

"It's devastating, because the team, the coaches, put the faith and trust in you to lead the team and the game came down to one play and I didn't make the play. It allowed the Eagles to get back into the game. He made a great play on it, I made a bad throw and that's that. It's pretty simple; it's not real complicated. This game is about who makes play and who doesn't. I didn't make that one play that I needed to make to keep the momentum my way."

On whether he saw SS Michael Lewis coming across before the interception:

"Yeah I saw him, I just threw it. I saw him all the way. He turned around right at the last second, perfect timing and he made a great play. But I understand that in that situation that it has to be our ball or nobody's ball."

On whether he felt rusty:

"No. I felt great out there and our team responded really well. We really didn't have a lot of three and outs, we moved the ball effectively. It just came down to me not hitting one play."

On whether not getting enough air on a play was a result of not getting enough reps:

"To me it was just a bonehead play. To me there's no way around it. When you play a game and you're ahead and the momentum's your way you almost have to play not to lose in that instant. You have to make sure that it's either the receiver catches it or it's an incomplete. I gave the defense a chance by under-throwing and he made a great play on it. I don't think it's attributed to rust. I made those throws in practice. It's real simple."

On whether he thought the Jets had the first-down after the third-down pass to WR Santana Moss:

"He said he did. I couldn't see from my vantage point. But he said he did and they [referees] said we didn't."

On whether he had any mental rust:

"No. I felt good with the reads. I felt like I was seeing things. The one interception was not a bad read, it was bad throw. Then I made another bad throw that could have been another interception but they dropped it. It had nothing to do with rust. I've worked too hard to be rusty. It felt like opening day. It felt like getting back out there. It would be different if we went three and out three times and didn't move the ball but my teammates played really well today. Our team played well. We bounced back after getting down. We had the momentum and they took it away from us."

QB Vinny Testaverde

On whether he tried to talk Coach Herman Edwards into letting him stay in the game:

"No, I didn't try to talk Herm into keeping me in. I knew the situation going into the game. Did I want to stay in the game? Of course. I'm a competitor. I never wanted to come out in the beginning, when it was mentioned to me, but it's not my decision. The only thing I can do is go out and try and make plays when I'm asked to do so."

On whether the time when QB Chad Pennington was to enter the game discussed:

"Herm mentioned to me earlier in the week that I was going to play about a quarter, maybe three or four series, and I think it wound up being three series going a little into the second quarter. That's about what I expected."

On Pennington's performance in tonight's game:

"I think Chad did great for not playing in quite a while. Like myself, I'm sure there are some things he wished he could have taken back, and I do too, in today's game. But I think he took a step in the right direction as far as where we're going with the future of this football team."

On whether Pennington oversimplified the loss by chalking it up to one play:

"Probably. Knowing Chad, he puts everything on him. He's as competitive as they come. He's going to bounce back because he has a good head on his shoulders and he's a true competitor. He works hard and he's going to bounce back because he really wants to be like we saw him last year."

RB Curtis Martin

On how difficult this loss was:

"It's difficult because we got on a role. We won two games in a row. We still were in the process of making our comeback and this is just a letdown right now. I think everybody's frustrated, but it's something we have to move beyond and get ready for next week."

On whether the Jets did anything differently in the second half:

"I don't think the opportunity was there as much in the second half. The second half the game is on the line and we got to do what we have to do to win. We didn't run the ball as much in the second half and I think that's the only difference. Nor do I think the situation was right to run the ball a lot of the times in the second half. Maybe early, but later on we were playing catch-up."

On whether he wished he had the ball on the 4th and 1 play: "No. I trust their decision. I trust [RB] LaMont [Jordan] and if he could have gotten it he would have gotten it. We came up short but sometimes they're going to win. They get paid too."

On how he felt QB Chad Pennington transitioned into the game:

"He wasn't at his best but Chad's going to bounce back. Chad's going to do good. I know that for sure. Chad has the right attitude and he's doing the right thing. When you keep doing the right things all the time eventually it's going to break. There are some things that we as an entire offense could have done better, but believe me, Chad is going to get the job done for us."

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