From a fan's perspective

This will be the very first time I'll ever get to see the NY Jets go up against the NY Giants in the regular season and I am excited to see what team will leave this game victorious. While some may think of this game as just another game for both NFL teams, this might very well be the game that determines what kind of season they will have this year.<BR><BR>

We're already going into Week 9 of the NFL season and this is the time of year that every team gets an idea of where they are headed. By now, teams should get a pretty good idea as to what kind of noise they'll be making towards the end. For both the Jets and Giants, whoever wins this game will know if they will make a turn around or just see another game get away from them that may end up biting them in the end to even make the playoffs.

The Jets right now are 2-5, but don't let the standings fool you. In all five of their losses, they were in those games as they weren't blowouts or anything like that. They made too many mistakes or just had a lack of productivity when it came to scoring points. There hasn't been a single game in which they were completely out of it until the absolute final minutes in the fourth quarter. The Giants right now are 3-4, but they too have problems. If it's not special teams then it's their lack of productivity on offense which is somewhat similar to what the Jets are going through. This should be a game mainly of bragging rights since they really don't have any bad heat between them except for what happened just a few months ago.

It was the NY Giants that sent our fearless leader, Chad Pennington, to the sidelines. It was linebacker Brandon Short who made the tackle in which Pennington landed wrong on his left hand. But you know what the amazing thing is? Pennington doesn't hold a grudge or anything against Short or the Giants, which is a sign of class. We all know that when it comes to football, let alone, in the NFL, injuries are a part of the game. Even with the injury that happened, there's still no bad blood between these teams who are both New York's pride.

The way I see it as I am a New Yorker—even though I hate to say it—this is pretty much Giants territory. The jerseys, hats, merchandise etc. worn and the radio is like 4:1 Giants! I think that in New Jersey/Long Island are where most of the Jets Fans are at though. But the best part is, even though Jets fans aren't everywhere in New York, they do exist. The only reason I can think of why it's like that is the Giants have more Super Bowl appearances and wins than the Jets do. But then again, the Jets had Joe Namath! So I guess everything balances out when you think about it.

Nonetheless, look for a good game and I predict a Jets victory because they just have to win. They can't afford to lose a single game or else the door to the NFL playoffs will close. They must put everything they have and then some starting from this game or else it's only going to get harder. At least now we're not completely done but we're close to it. I know our beloved Gang Green will pull through and bring a W to the standings. Just keep believing people because sometimes believing is all you can really do during times like these.

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