For Pennington the time is now

You can count Jets' starting quarterback Chad Pennington among those who feel that there is a time for talking, and a time for action. <p>

Pennington feels it's time for action now.

"We are tired of talking about [turning around the season]," said Pennington. "We have been talking about it for months now, turning this thing around. I know I am tired of talking about it."

If Gang Green loses to the Giants, their record will be 2-6, with 8 games remaining.

At 2-6, in the AFC East, things will not look too promising as far as post-season play is concerned. If the Jets fail to reach the postseason, it would mark the first time this has happened during Herman Edwards' reign as the head coach.

Given these dire set of circumstances the Jets' franchise quarterback does not seem to be too caught up in the over-hyped "Battle of New York."

"We don't care if we play in California or wherever, we just have to go out and win football games," said Pennington.

His focus remains solely on righting this ship, which very well could sink on Sunday, with a loss to the Giants at the Meadowlands.

"What I need to see from myself, and what our team needs to see from one another is we have to go out and prove we can turn this around. Lets just go and do it," said Pennington.

"Last year it [the 2-5 start] was a good motivational tool, and something we needed to hear, but this year the heck with all the talking, we have to go and play. The talking does not do anything."

Pennington has extra motivation this week because he feels that it is his responsibility to justify Herman Edward's decision to bring him back a week early.

This week he would like to silence the second-guessers that bashed Edwards for his unorthodox move of inserting Pennington into the game midway through the second quarter of last week's loss.

"The coaching staff puts its faith in you, and to go out and throw an interception like I did it is huge," he said.

When thinking about last week's game and the momentum changing fourth quarter interception, the quarterback feels sick to his stomach.

"When you sleep on [a loss] you are so disgusted," said Pennington. You are just ready to get back to work, and ready to go change it. Losing is very irritating… It's bittersweet because it is our own fault. But it is positive because we can fix it."

Pennington knows the time to improve is this Sunday, or Gang Green might not be playing meaningful games for too much longer. Something he has no plans of doing.

"We [the players] know that there is no secret here, where we are as a team, and where we need to go if we want to get back to the playoffs."


LB Mo Lewis did not practice all week. He remains as questionable on the injury report with back and hamstring injuries. But it does not look as though he will play.

CB Jamie Henderson is probable, and according to Herman Edwards he will play some in nickel, but will be limited in his role, as he recovers from his knee injury.

CB Donnie Abraham and FS Jon McGraw remain out. CB Ray Mickens, and S Tyrone Carter will take their place in the starting line up.

WR Wayne Cherbet practiced all week but will not start the game, as Curtis Conway remains the starter at the X receiver. "We will use Wayne on third downs and on some first downs when we go with three wide receivers," said Edwards on Friday. Santana Moss is the starter at the Z.

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