Mike Westhoff's take on blocked field goal<p>

I don't feel as though [our decision] took a long time to develop. <p>

When we were on third down, and the ball was on the 40, if we don't make the first down, we [were going] to punt the ball. I said, 'where do you want to get to kick a field goal?' We decided we had to get to the 30. I said, 'Herm, if we come up real short, think about going for it.' In my mind it was an easy decision. We weren't going to punt the ball. Doug had made from [that distance] in the preseason. I felt we could make the kick under those conditions. The wind was a tiny bit in our favor. I was very confident we could do it. In the pre-game, he kicked from that spot. I believe he could make it and would of. Doug felt he could make it. For me it was a very easy recommendation to make. For Herm, he has a decision to make, do we have to go for it, or kick the field goal and he went with the field goal.

"I always have everybody ready. We have no problems. It was not a hurry-up. We run a hurry-up in practice, and we got it kicked in 15 seconds. You don't want to do that for a 51-yard field goal to win the game in overtime though.

"I saw us being late. I was screaming hurry-up, and it should not have been a hurry-up situation. I was shocked it was. I did not feel we took too much time to make the decision, it was not the case.

"We did not protect it on the outside. I had already talked to that guy and said you have to do a better job on that. It happened on a PAT. If we kicked it on time, I don't believe he gets there.

"I just felt that we were getting ready to go and the train is pulling out of the station and we are not on it. That is inexcusable. I don't know what else to do about it. [Doug] is not normally that methodical. In the spring, I felt there was some of that going on, and it caught my eye, and I talked to him about that. We addressed it during the spring. But it is not a problem. He has his routine. At times, it can be a little methodical. We have had no problems with it during practice - never. I was not the least bit concerned. I was in shock when we saw people ready to go and Doug was not, that is when I almost got a penalty.

"I told him to hurry up. James Dearth and [Stryzinski] were yelling at him. Doug gets very much into his zone. That is not a terrible fault. The only fault I can see is you have to be ready to go. All he has to do is be a little bit more aware and get on the field and do what he does. Maybe I didn't get him ready enough.

I wish I could blame it on the officials or that they took an incredible amount of time, but I don't think that was the case. I just felt we didn't execute it right.

"Herm was pretty strong with his convictions on things. We didn't get stuck trying to pull a decision out of a hat. We were talking about it on second down, and on third down, we figured out exactly what we wanted to do. I think he is very firm in his decisions.

"If we make it, we look pretty smart. We screwed it up, but I didn't know what else to do to be honest with you. There are other things I sometimes feel I should do better, I don't know what to do on this one."

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