A truckload of Tuesday Whispers<p>

The Ray Mickens neck injury is a potential disaster for the Jets, if he can't play at Indianapolis. <p>

One bit of good news is that his CAT scan was negative. If he can't go, the Jets will have to start Jamie Henderson or Ray Green at left cornerback. This could be problematic against the high-powered Colts passing attack. Henderson still isn't 100 percent recovered from a recent knee injury, and seemed to re-injure the knee against Oakland. He was hobbling badly after one play. Green isn't considered a starting cornerback by most scouts. In their minds, he is a nickel-dime back at best. Green has good speed, but doesn't change directions well.

The Jets clearly need to add cornerback depth, and one option is elevating Omare Lowe from the practice squad. A Dolphins sixth round draft pick out of Washington, was signed during the bye-week, so he has learned most of the system. He doesn't have great speed (4.6), but is tough and physical and a good fit for the Cover Two. The Jets ravaged secondary could get a huge break with news out of Indianapolis that Colts star receiver Marvin Harrison pulled his groin against Jacksonville and might not play this week. The combination of Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokely would be the Colts starters if Harrison can't play, and that is a tandem the Jets could probably contain, even with a ravaged secondary.

But don't rule out Mickens playing against the Colts. He is very tough, and some people around the Jets think there is a chance he could still start this week. He has full range of motion in his neck . . .

One big concern for the Jets this Sunday is that they are a very tired team. It's rare to have two overtime games in a row, and remember the Jets are the second oldest team in the league. That isn't a good combination.

"We got a bunch of sore players obviously; some tired players," said Herman Edwards. "That is the first time for the Jets that we had two overtimes in a row." Ted Cottrell said the Jets will practice with no pads to help deal with this fatigue factor . . .

Even with limited practice time, it's abundantly clear the Jets need to activate Josh Evans - now! They got almost no pressure on Rick Mirer in Oakland. Can you imagine what Peyton Manning will do to them with that kind of time? The Jets personnel department and coaching staff refuses to be realistic about Chester McGlockton. He has little mobility and is hurting the defense. It's okay to play him a few plays at defensive tackle to give either starter a rest, but to play him at end is misguided. Like Edwards always says, "There is perception and reality." In the case of McGlockton, they are not dealing with reality.

Evans has very good speed for a defensive lineman, and whether it is at tackle or end, he is just what they need in the mix in a backup/platoon role right now. But Edwards said Monday he isn't sure Evans is going to play this week. For some strange reason, Edward isn't even committing to activating him at all.

"He's has another week of practice obviously and we'll have to determine whether what we want to do this week, bring him up or what do we want to do," said Edwards. "We'll decide by this week, though."

If they don't activate Evans this week, they are likely making a major blunder. Maybe part of the problem is the certain people are hesitant to tell McGlockton his role is being diminished. He is a very intimidating individual.

But the Jets could learn a lesson from Jon Gruden who said when he arrived in Tampa Bay last year, "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win a championship." . . .

The Jets have to be concerned with Victor Hobson's back. He has had spasms on- and-off for the whole season. That is surprising to see in a 22-year-old rookie. That is usually a lingering injury you would see in an older injury.

Also Mo Lewis continues to have pain in his hip/groin area, and will be listed on the injury report. These injuries could impact the already questionable mobility of both of these players, and that is not a good thing facing the Colts who have a pair of fast tight ends in Marcus Pollard and 2003 first round pick Dallas Clark. Remember Hobson and Lewis play the linebacker position that mainly deals with the tight end. Actually the Jets third string player on the strongside, Jason Glenn, is the best Jets linebacker at covering tight ends, so it might be smart to get him in the mix more this week.

After the game, we ran into CBS analyst Brent Jones in the elevator in the Network Associates Coliseum, and he commented on how poor the Jets linebacker corps was at covering receivers underneath. This could be a huge problem against the Colts . . .

After the game, Chad Pennington had a message for the media.

"Curtis Martin is now washed up," said Pennington, clearly agitated at some reporters who were wondering if the Jets franchise running back was on the downside at 30. "He is just getting started." . . .

One Jets coach thinks that Bryan Thomas isn't ready to play a full compliment of plays at defensive end. It's just too much for him mentally and physically. Thomas is a great kid, but you have to start wondering about this pick. He makes very few plays has questionable instincts, and has a hard time getting off blocks. It looks like the Jets personnel department got too enamored of his size-speed ratio at his pre-draft workout, and didn't dissect his instincts enough . . .

Regardless of the overtime debacle against the Giants, it looks like the Jets have a solid kicker for this year and many years to come in Doug Brien. He is now 16 of 20 on the season, and remember he has an 80 percent career field goal percentage, one of the best in NFL history. Mike Westhoff says he almost never misses in practice. Brien has an amazing focus. Obviously that got him in trouble in overtime against the Giants, but is also a major reason he is so accurate.

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