A heaping helping of Friday Whispers

You get mixed signals out of Jets camp about whether Jon McGraw and Donnie Abraham are going to return this week. They have practiced quite a bit, but you get the feeling their shoulders still aren't 100 percent. McGraw seemed to have trouble taking his shoulder pads off the other day.<p>

But if the Jets could get these two back, even on a limited basis, that would be a boon to their defense. The Jets pass rush has been weak with John Abraham out, so their secondary and linebackers, who generally lack great speed, have been exposed at times. McGraw and Abraham are two of the Jets better cover guys, so even if they aren't much of a factor in run support, it would be good to have them running around in pass rushing situations against the Colts high-powered passing attack . . .

Look for Chad Pennington to be at his play-action best against the Colts young defense, with many perfect targets to trick with his fakes. Not helping the Colts is the fact that starting free safety Idris Bashir is out with a shoulder injury, and both primary backup safeties, Cory Bird (shoulder/groin) and Jason Doering (ankle) are questionable. So basically the only healthy safety is strong safety Mike Doss, and he's a rookie and learning the job. With his style of play he is very prone to jump on a play-action fake.

"One of the things Doss is known for is being a little bit more aggressive," said CBS analyst Brent Jones, who has done some Colts games this year. "The Colts biggest issue is stopping the run, so they need to have that eighth man up, that safety up. An aggressive safety is exactly the type of player the play-action can really burn, especially a young player. Chad will catch Doss out of position three or four times this week. I would imagine they are game-planning for that specific instance." . . .

Josh Evans will not play this week, and we find this very perplexing. The Jets situation at the three-technique tackle right now is a major contributing factor to the team's 32nd ranked run offense. Starter Dewayne Robertson has improved a little bit, but is still making a lot of mistakes. He platoons with Chester McGlockton who is devoid of mobility. Unless the play is right at McGlockton, he has trouble making anything happen because he is painfully slow. How many times have we heard the description of the three-technique tackle from Jets brass? You need a quick, athletic 300-pounder who can get up field and disrupt things in the backfield. So why would the Jets use McGlockton in that role? It's terrible utilization of personnel, and now that Evans if back, get him in the game!

We still think a big problem here is that some people around the Jets might be intimidated by McGlockton. Plus he is a Terry Bradway guy from Kansas City, so the GM is loyal to him.

But this begs the question - do they want to improve the run defense with the super quick and athletic Evans, or are they more worried about people's feelings? If it's the latter, then this management team needs to re-evaluate how they do business . . .

Speaking of a Bradway guy, that is exactly what Kevin Lockett is. The wide receiver, who was signed this week, was drafted by the Jets GM when he was in Kansas City. That gave him a leg up when the Jets were looking for a receiver after putting Wayne Chrebet on IR for the season.

Lockett had a poor first practice with the Jets, dropping a number of passes.. Part of this could be due to rust after being out of football since August.. But also, Lockett is a journeyman who has never realized his potential since coming out of Kansas State as a highly-regarded prospect who the Chiefs picked in the second round seven years ago.

But Bradway is still a fan of the guy. This is often the case when a personnel guy picks a player, he is the last guy who wants to give up on him. He certainly doesn't help the Jets need for a big wideout (this will be addressed in the off-season). He is actually the opposite of a big, physical target. He is under 6-0 (despite his listed height) and was listed in Jacksonville at 177 pounds.

But Lockett might not be a bad stop-gap measure for the rest of the year since he's a bright guy who's a quick study and has played in the West Coast offense five of his seven years in the league . . .

The Colts staggering injury situation got worse on Thursday when starting tight end Marcus Pollard hurt his knee in practice. He will miss the Jets game.. This is a huge break for the Jets because Pollard is the type of mobile, athletic tight end who gives them trouble. He is one of 19 players on the Colts injury report this week. So Peyton Manning will likely be without two of his favorite targets Pollard and Marvin Harrison (hamstring) . . .

It looks like the Jets have agreed in principle with the state of New York and the city on a deal to build a stadium on the Westside of Manhattan.

He is an excerpt from Business Week Magazine -

"The Jets are flying back to New York. The National Football League team that has been playing across the Hudson River in Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., for 19 years is expected to announce in the next two months that it will build a $1 billion, retractable-dome stadium on Manhattan's West Side, BusinessWeek has learned. The stadium would be a big boost to New York's bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

"Under owner Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson IV, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson (JNJ ) fortune, the Jets will pay for the bulk of the project, with taxpayers footing a still-undetermined bill for infrastructure, including transportation upgrades. The new stadium, which will also serve as a convention center and arena, will be built on a platform to be constructed over Midtown rail yards between Penn Station and the Hudson River on Manhattan's West Side. The NFL would provide some financing through a special loan program for new stadium construction."

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