Keyshawn to the Jets? It's a possibility<p>

Good for Jon Gruden. He did the right thing. Standing up to Keyshawn Johnson – showing him who's in charge.<p>

Gruden has decided to deactivate the problematic receiver for the rest of the season. Johnson is the classic case of a club house lawyer, and Gruden has had enough. After learning of Gruden's decision Johnson asked, "What have I done? I didn't do anything." It's never him. What has he done? Where do we start? First of all, he showed up Gruden on national television last year, by screaming at him on the sidelines during a national televised game. A few weeks ago, Johnson told the media that Bill Parcells is the best coach he's ever played for. That was before the Tampa Bay-Dallas game. Another issue is that Johnson refused to come back with the team after their game in San Francisco recently. He stayed in California. He also told Gruden he didn't want to play for the team next year. And let's not forget his poor attendance in the off-season program. He prefers to stay in California and workout on his own against Gruden's wishes. He also had two false start penalties in a game recently, and has been a problem in practice.

"I want this guy out of my locker room," said one Tampa Bay Pro Bowl player. So Gruden clearly did the right thing, and hopefully Tampa Bay will be able to collect some fine money from the receiver for conduct detrimental to the team. Any player that refuses to come back on a team plane is guilty of conduct detrimental to the team.

"Johnson just doesn't want to be here," said Gruden.

And these people floating the idea that the Jets should sign this guy when the Bucs cut him this off-season – get real.

Why would you want a 31-year-old receiver on the decline that is disruptive in the locker room on your team?

The Jets main objective this upcoming off-season is get younger and faster. Johnson lacks speed and is in his ninth year.

The Jets need to add a big, physical, play-making wide receiver this off-season. There has been a lot of talk about Terrell Owens, who is a free agent after this season. That is one possibility. But a more likely scenario is the Jets picking one on the draft. Roy Williams of Texas would be a good fit. He is a 6-2, 200 pound receiver with much better speed than Johnson, and a much better attitude. We hear he is very humble and the ultimate team guy.

One reason the Jets might now want to go after Johnson is that he insulted Jets owner Woody Johnson after his trade to Tampa Bay. Don't think the owner forgot that.

But for you people that think Johnson would be a good fit for the Jets. There is a scenario that could lead the receiver to the Jets.

Like we said, the Jets need to add a big, physical wide-out. The price for Owens could be too expensive as far what they would have to give the 49ers in return, since San Francisco will likely put the franchise tag on him. If that happens, the Jets will have to send draft picks to the 49ers, and they can't afford to do that with all the needs they will have to fill in this draft.

As for using a first round pick on a receiver, the one argument against that would be the Jets defensive problems. The Jets offensive has exploded recently and their defense has been awful. While the Jets need a big receiver badly, their defensive needs might be more significant.

If Johnson comes cheap (considering Tampa Bay will still owes him a fortune, he might), the Jets could sign the receiver and pick defense in the first round.

But the vote hear is against Johnson. He brings too much baggage.

But Johnson and Herman Edwards have a good relationship, so you never know.

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