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The NY Jets officially placed WR Wayne Chrebet on the injured reserve list, which means he won't play again this season due to a concussion. When I first heard of this news, I knew that it was for the best.<BR><BR>

It's better for Chrebet to just sit out the rest of the season and rest up both mentally and physically. It would be even worse if he went out there and made his injury even more unbearable or end his career. Chrebet's 2003-2004 season wasn't for nothing though as he had 27 receptions for 289 yards and a TD.

Ever since I became the diehard NY Jets Fan that I am, I always looked up to, admired, and appreciated everything that Wayne Chrebet has done for this team. I remember the time when he was our #1 guy, even at 5'10 in height. I remember the time when he was called "Mr. Third Down" for ALWAYS coming through on those 3rd and long situations and always grabbing the catch even in the clutch. Plus, I'll always remember his nonstop effort to make extra plays just to set up the Jets for a scoring opportunity.

Sadly though, now we won't see Chrebet play again until probably training camp that comes up in August 2004. That's okay though, since I'm sure by then, he'll be fine from his injury. The poor guy has these headaches and nausea all the time from that hit he suffered in that Jets/Giants game earlier this month. He truly doesn't deserve to be sidelined for the rest of the season, since I know he wants to be out there playing. He learned this lesson last season when he was injured in a game, came back in it, and always regretted not just staying out. His determination is amazing but in a situation like that one and the one he's currently in now, it's just best to stay out and come back when he's 100% ready to go.

Before I let you go, let me just say to check out Wayne Chrebet's book, "Every Down, Every Distance, My Journey To The NFL." It's a great read whether you're a Jets Fan or just a fan of the underdogs in life. You'll get to see what it takes to take it to the next level in football, and how much more harder it is if you're a walk-on player like he was trying to just get into the National Football League. It has lots of cool color pictures and even a very special message at the end. Since this Column is all about #80, here's an excerpt from the end that'll really make you think:

"Take a stroll around New York sometime. Check out the people who call a cardboard box home, then tell me you're living. You have to step out of yourself every now and then and see what your life looks like through the eyes of someone else. It's all about stopping to smell the roses and being appreciative of what you have and what you have done, rather than worrying about what you don't have and what you haven't done."

This one is for you Wayne Chrebet. Get better soon and know that from this diehard NY Jets Fan, I thank you for all the memories and your never-give-up attitude no matter how hard things got with the Green & White.

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