Pennington remains collected <p>

Backed up on their own six-yard line, trailing by four points, with no timeouts and three minutes remaining in the game, Chad Pennington and the Jets were facing quite a challenge. <p>

However, Pennington, as per usual, calmly walked onto the field and efficiently led the Jets on the game-winning touchdown drive, in the team's 13-10 win over Jacksonville on Sunday.

According to Herman Edwards nothing Pennington does surprises him anymore.

"(I was) not surprised at all (we scored the touchdown)," said Edwards on Monday. "Believe me, three minutes left, we were going to win the game. I see (Chad) do it all the time. I just think he is going to do it.

"Everyone thinks he is going to do it. I mean when you get defensive guys standing up and saying he's going to (win the game for us)."

Pennington is playing at a Pro Bowl level this season.

He has posted a 98.8 quarterback rating through four and a half games this season, since returning from the fractured left wrist injury that he suffered in a preseason game against the Giants, on August 23rd.

If he had the necessary amount of pass attempts this season, he would be tied with Peyton Manning as the second rated passer in the AFC.

The key to success for him this season, as it was on the game-winning drive against the Jaguars, is just staying calm and trusting his teammates.

Going 94 yards with no timeouts, and the game on the line, is a challenge the fourth-year player from Marshall relishes.

"You are looking down 94 yards and you know that is a long way," said Pennington. "Your backed up with three minutes left and our guys did not blink. That is the saying Coach Hackett uses "Don't Blink," and (our offense) did not. They stayed headstrong. It was pretty fun to be out there.

"I think we really believed (we were going to take it the 94 yards)," Pennington continued. "Our motto as an offense, no matter what the circumstance, we just need to take it one play at a time and trust in each other, and work in the system."

However, it was Pennington's ability to work outside the system, and call his own plays on the final drive, which was the reason for the game-winning touchdown.

On the touchdown pass from the Jacksonville three-yard line, Pennington called for the fullback Jerald Sowell to go out wide right, with Santana Moss to the left, an unfamiliar play call and alignment with the personnel group that was currently on the field.

With most of the players on the field confused and expecting a spike to stop the clock, Pennington found Moss in the left corner of the end zone for the touchdown.

"It was not much of a fake, but I did not think about it, it just happened," said Pennington. "[Moss] did not have a lot of room to work with, so I had to get the ball up quick and let him make a play. That is what is great about [Moss]. You don't have to make a perfect play. With a guy like Santana, just put it in his area and he goes and makes a play for you."

Pennington attributes much of his late game heroics to learning from Vinny Testaverde.

In Testaverde, Pennington has a coach, mentor, and friend.

"Watching Vinny over the past three years in comebacks, his demeanor never changes," said Pennington. "He never goes to the extreme high or low. He always stays even keeled, and that is so important especially when you step in the huddle.

"What I learned from Vinny is if you just stay the same, guys feed off of you, and once you make a big play it leads to another one. It is almost like a snowball effect."


DE John Abraham strained his groin in the game on Sunday and is listed as doubtful for this Monday night's game. There is an outside possibility this could be the end of his season.

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