Boy did the Jets make a mistake with Hentrich<p>

This is a good week for Donnie Abraham to get an increased workload. The Titans passing offense is one of the best in football, and they consistently use three and four wide receiver sets. Abraham is the Jets best cover guy.<p>

While the Jets will have myriad changes on defense this off-season, with a number of veterans on their way out, Donnie Abraham is safe. Herman Edwards loves the guy and feel he hasn't slipped at all after nine years in the league. So expect a young veteran free agent addition to start opposite Abraham next year . . .

If Steve McNair plays, the Jets are going to use a spy on him to help prevent him from scrambling for big gains out of the backfield.

While Edwards won't say who it's going to be, he did have a challenge for the player which might give you a clue as to who it might be.

"Is the spy going to tackle? That's a question you got to ask," Edwards said. Wow, you wonder who that challenge was directed towards.

. . . Jets backup cornerback Omare Lowe was a good resource for the team this week since he was with the Titans for the first month of this season.

Since the Titans have the best run defense in football, it's likely the Jets are going to have to try to win this game through the air, so we asked Lowe for a scouting report on the Titans starting secondary.

Let's start with cornerback Samari Rolle, a player the Jets coaches expect to follow Santana Moss around where he lines up. Rolle is actually listed as questionable with a concussion, and if he doesn't go, that is a huge break for the Jets. His backup, Tony Beckham, is inexperienced and can be exploited.

"[Samari] is one of the premier corners in the league" said Lowe. "He is a gambler who wants to make a play on the football. He is vulnerable to get beat every now and then."

On the other side is Andre Dyson.

"Dyson has exceptional speed," said Lowe. "He is a solid player. He doesn't make a lot of big plays, but he doesn't give up many deep balls."

As for the Titans safeties, they might be the hardest hitting combination in football - Lance Schulters and Tank Williams.

"Tank is big and fast," said Lowe. "Sometimes he's not under control going to knock someone's head off when he can make a solid, sure tackle. He misses some tackles because of that.

"Schulters isn't the fastest, quickest or strongest guys. But he has seen it all and uses his smarts on the field with angles and anticipation of where the ball is going to be." . . .

Titans defensive end Jevon Kearse is questionable with an ankle injury. He didn't play last week. If Kearse can't go, that would be a huge break for the Jets. Jets left tackle Jason Fabini has had some trouble with speed rushers this year with Jason Taylor and Hugh Douglas two examples. Kearse is faster than those guys and is back to his old self after missing most of last year with a foot injury . . .

The Jets are going to have a very tough time running this week against the Titans number one rushing defense. This game is going to be similar experience for the Jets rushing offense as last week. They are facing two huge big, talented run stuffing defensive tackles with speedy linebackers behind them. The Jets are likely going to have to win this game through the air . . .

A Jets personnel blunder will be back this weekend in Titans punter Craig Hentrich. He was an eighth round draft pick of the Jets in 1993 and didn't make it out of his first training camp. He was cut by Bruce Coslet who decided to go with veteran Louis Aguiar instead. It was a mistake that has come back to bite the Jets as they been through a myriad of punters and Hentrich has turned into a Pro Bowler. He is also a good kickoff artist.

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