Testeverde - I'm no third-stringer

Recently there has been some speculation that the Jets might want Vinny Testaverde to be their #3 quarterback next year, behind Chad Pennington and Brooks Bollinger.<p>

But on Tuesday, the veteran quarterback made it clear he wants not part of that.

"My two things are I want to play if I'm healthy and I'm having fun," said Testaverde. "If they have other plans for me, or different plans than what they are right now, I don't know I'd enjoy that, so I don't know that I'd want to continue to be here."

What Testaverde is saying is that he wants no part of the #3 job? "I still want to play and I want to at least know that there could be a shot where I might play, like this year," said Testaverde. "I didn't know that I was going to play, but I knew there was a chance that if Chad got hurt, it would give me an opportunity to play. Whether it was one game or as it turned out to be, 6 1-2 games, being the no. 3 guy really diminishes those chances."

Testaverde feels that despite his age (40), he still has some good football left in him.

"I felt like this year having the opportunity to play those games, I felt like I did a pretty good job when I was in there, and that continues to support what I believe – that I can still play at a high level in this league," said Testaverde.

Testaverde is starting to see the writing on the wall that Bollinger is going to be the #2 next year.

"My feeling is that they're grooming Brooks and getting him ready," said Testaverde. "I haven't taken a real snap in practice for a number of weeks now. I've had maybe a couple of 9 on 7 snaps."

Testaverde said he would quit if he was made the #3 quarterback.

"I'd rather retire than do something that I wouldn't enjoy doing because I'm not doing it for the money anymore," said Testaverde. "I'm at a different stage than I was 4-5-6 years ago. I'm just telling you how I feel."

If Testaverde quit, the Jets would take an enormous cap hit.

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