Pennington takes blame

Chad Pennington threw five picks in a 21-16 loss to New England, but Santana Moss feels not all of them were his fault.

Q)Was tonight one of your more frustrating games as a pro?

Pennington: It was a tough night. There is no doubt about it. The defense was hanging in there making plays. Offensively my guys were focused and I just didn't get the job done. One thing I didn't want to do was to lie back after some of those interceptions happened. I wanted to stay aggressive, but that kind of backfired on me.

Q)Have you ever thrown five picks on any level?

Pennington: Yeah, my first college start against UT-Chattanooga, but we won so it didn't matter.

Q)Did it mean a lot to you after the game, so many of your teammates told you the interceptions weren't your fault?

Pennington: Yeah, it means a lot because when you know you lost the game for your team and your teammates come to you and offer encouraging words, it means a lot.

Q)Santana said not all the picks were your fault, it had more to do with coverages and receivers . . .

Pennington: The ball leaves my hand and I am responsible for it. So look at it as my fault. This is a learning experience for he and I and the rest of the team. We will finish up strong next week and come back firing next year.

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