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Evans questions attitude of some teammates

Josh Evans is bothered by the attitude of some of his teammates.<p> "If you see a train coming, are you gonna take the train on or let the train run you over?" asked Evans. "You got to have the mentality where you're gonna take the train on. Does everyone [here] have that? I don't know."<p>

Evans thinks some of his teammates don't take loses hard enough. After the Jets loss to Miami in the season finale, Evans was so upset, he didn't want to talk to reporters. It's hard to think of too many other players who reacted that way after losses this season. Evans isn't sure he's coming back, but he wants to, because he feels he has unfinished business.

"I don't know [if I'll be back]," said Evans. "I really do wanna come back. I feel like I haven't given the team a full season. My first year I came in out of shape, and then this year I missed eight games. So [if they want me back], I plan on staying up here the whole time. [I'll] start working out in January preparing for next season." The Jets will likely bring Evans back because the feel he can bring energy and toughness to a defense that needs a large does of both . . .

Vinny Testaverde on Monday once again reiterated his desire to remain as the #2 quarterback, and if he isn't, he wants to play elsewhere.

"I'm not gonna be somewhere where I don't enjoy playing," said Testaverde. "I think I'll wait to see what they have to say. They may already have their scenario for next year. If it's one I disagree with, I wouldn't want to do that."

It's clear the Jets want Brooks Bollinger to take over in the near future as Chad Pennington's backup, but the question is when? Bollinger is a better fit for the West Coast offense.

"Sometimes it's not the best player, it's the player that best fits the system," said Testaverde.

Jets brass was non-committal on whether Testaverde will be asked to be the #3 quarterback.

"We expect him to come back," said GM Terry Bradway. "When he comes back, we'll sit down and talk. I haven't talked to him about that."

"I have to have a conversation with Vinny," said coach Herman Edwards. "Before I can answer that question, I'd like to speak to Vinny first." . . .

Bradway was asked if he is thinking about approaching the agents for Shaun Ellis and John Abraham about contract extensions.

"It's on the radar screen, you know, there's no question about that," said Bradway. "That's one of the areas we have to look at this spring." . . .

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